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Title Godzilla - Monster Battles
Japanese Title Gojira Kaiju Daikessen
CD Label Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Japan
CD Number COCC-12246
Music by: East Treasure Orchestra-Tracks 1-11
Tracks 12-31 unknown
Number of tracks 31
Running time 68:04
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture December 21, 1994


September 28, 2005

It was brought to my attention that I had never done a review for this disc so here it is.

After not listening to this disc for many years I again played it for the purpose of writing this review. This CD is actually pleasant to listen and not bad if you don't mind MUZAK versions of the originals. The music on this disc is mellower and a lot of it is synthesized. It's the type of version you might expect to hear in an elevator or piped through a department store. That doesn't mean it's bad. I just want you to know what you're getting if you decide to look for this CD. The disc contains many themes that you will recognize.

Overall the listening experience is very pleasant and somewhat relaxing. You get a nice full disc of music clocking in at slightly over 68 minutes. The selections are good ones and well done. They just aren't the originals and you can easily tell that. So if you enjoy this type of watered down music or are a completest, then you would enjoy this disc. If you are looking for originals with a big orchestra, then stay away.

English Title: Godzilla - Monster Battles *1
Japanese Title: Gojira Kaiju Daikessen
Translations courtesy of Steve Silver

  1. Godzilla's Theme (Godzilla Stage)
  2. The Ancient Roar (Angilas Stage)
  3. Total Destruction (King Ghidorah Stage)
  4. Pulsing in the Dark (Gigan Stage)
  5. Endless Wilderness (Megalon Stage)
  6. The Squeaking of the Wheel(s) (MechaGodzilla Stage)
  7. Raging Waters (Biollante Stage)
  8. Mothra's Song (Mothra Stage)
  9. The Final Battle (Super MechaGodzilla Stage)
  10. Armageddon at Sea (??? Stage)
  11. Staff Roll/Ending *2
  12. Opening
  13. Players Monster Select
  14. Enemy Monster Select
  15. Godzilla's Theme (Godzilla Stage)
  16. The Ancient Roar (Angilas Stage)
  17. Total Destruction (King Ghidorah Stage)
  18. Pulsing in the Dark (Gigan Stage)
  19. Endless Wilderness (Megalon Stage)
  20. The Squeaking of the Wheel(s) (MechaGodzilla Stage)
  21. Raging Waters (Biollante Stage)
  22. Mothra's Song (Mothra Stage)
  23. The Final Battle (Super MechaGodzilla Stage)
  24. Armageddon at Sea (??? Stage)
  25. Normal Game: Win
  26. Staff Roll/Ending *2
  27. Normal Game: Lose
  28. Continue
  29. The Game is Over
  30. VS Select
  31. VS Game: Win

*1 This is my own translation. I don't know whether there is an official English title for this CD.
*2 This is a direct transliteration from the Japanese. Could also be 'Staff Roles'.