© 2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Destroy The Monsters
CD Label Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
CD Number COCP-50197
Music by: Various
Number of tracks 8
Running time 47:16
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1999


Feb. 19, 2000

This CD is not for everyone or the casual Godzilla listener. What we have here are 8 remixes done by modern Japanese artists and bands. The music is loud, manic and fast. Part of it is Heavy Metal sounding, part Techno and some Alternative. Most of the tracks have sampling from Godzilla films and we hear the big G stomping, roaring and making other sound effects in many of the tracks. We even get the crazy sound of Ghidrah's lightning bolts coming from the three heads.

I mostly enjoyed this CD but it's better taken in small doses. It's not a CD I'd be in a hurry to grab and put on again real soon. I think the artists represented here did a great job but this disc will appeal much more to teenagers than older soundtrack listeners.

The one big thing I didn't like about this CD was the cardboard packaging. I'd rather have a jewel case and inserts. I know some US CD manufacturers are also putting out cardboard packaging instead of jewel cases and I avoid them whenever possible.

Soapbox on:

CD prices are already artificially high. Remember when CD's came out and were in the cardboard long boxes as well as jewel cases inside? The manufacturers said this packaging was adding $1 to the cost of CD's. When the long boxes went away did we see prices drop $1? NO! Now that CD's are even cheaper to make, have prices gone down? NO! In fact over the past few years prices have actually gone up a few dollars.

End of my soapbox speech.

Update November 10, 2014

Since I wrote the above some CD prices have fallen while others remain high. Imports are still very expensive as well as some newer domestic releases. Except for older, bargain bin type compilations most CD's are still well over $10 each, even when on sale. I know most younger people are in love with digital downloads instead of physical discs. I still prefer listening to physical discs on really good stereo equipment rather than stripped down digital music playing on a phone. If you ever really listen and compare the two, discs on good equipment will win out over digital on phones every time. Don't get me wrong, from time to time I will download a song or two in digital format. The great thing about digital downloads in my opinion is that in most cases you can just pay for and download songs you like rather than a whole disc that may only contain a couple of tracks you like.

Title: Destroy The Monsters

  1. Godzilla
    (kustomed by MAD 3)
  2. Godzilla Rids The World Of The Bass Invaders
    (Asian Dub Foundation remix)
  3. Son Of Godzilla
    (remixed by Yasuhuru Konishi)
  4. Digital Hardcore Mix
    (remixed by ATARI TEENAGE RIOT)
  5. Godzilla Walk
    (remixed by Takeshi Ueda)
  6. Godzilla Main Theme (Godzilla vs. SkaGodzilla mix)
    (remixed by AUDIO ACTIVE)
  7. Godzilla's Theme
    (remixed by Ken Ishii)
  8. Break Through The Showa Era
    (performed by Chari Chari)