1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Gorath
Japanese Title Yosei Gorasu
Movie also known as: Astronaut 1980
Gorath, the Mysterious Star
Suspicous Star Gorath
Yosei Gorath
CD Label SLCS Japan
CD Number SLCS-5069
Music by: Kan Ishii
Number of tracks 45
Running time 59:36
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1995
Year Movie Released in Japan 1962
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1964


May 11, 2000

This is a great CD with nearly an hour's worth of music on it. Track #1, "Main Title", starts us right off with a really good fast paced action/suspense theme. The second track has a nice, light, night club band sound to it. Track # 6 treats us to a big band version of "Jingle Bells" while Track # 9 gives a male chorus tune. Track # 25 sounds like a traditional Japanese number. Tracks # 39 through # 44 are karaoke and alternate take versions of a song called "We Are Space Pilots". Some of the themes get repeated a few times but not enough to get boring. Most of the tracks on this CD are in Stereo with only five tracks in Mono.

This is a surprisingly good CD and stands up well as a stand-alone listing experience. A good mix of styles and tempos. There is a lot of action/adventure/suspense music on this disc. The only slight drawback is the large number of short (under one minute) cues. The CD is well worth owning if you can track down a copy.

Some title translations updated 10-21-99 
courtesy of August Ragone

U.S. Title:      Gorath
Japanese Title:  Yosei Gorasu

 1	Main Title
 2	The Car Radio
 3	The JX-1 Hayabusa (Falcon)
 4	6000G
 5	No Escape!
 6	Jingle Bells
 7	Captain Sonoda's Funeral
 8	Space Port at the Foot of Mt. Fuji
 9	We Are Space Pilots [1]
10	The Terror of Gorath
11	U.N. Headquarters
12	Harmful Impact on the Earth
13	We Are Space Pilots [2] - Grand Cabaret
14	Eve of The Otori's Launch
15	The JX-2 Otori (Hawk)
16	The Space Station
17	Construction of the South Pole Base
18	The Collapse of Pipe #33
19	The Loss of 60 Days
20	Capsule No. 1
21	Eject from the Capsule
22	Amnesia
23	Ignition of the Jet Pipes
24	1.10 x 10-6G
25	New Year's Day at the Sonoda House
26	Love's Theme
27	45 Days Left
28	Magma, the Giant Monster
29	Magma vs. the V.T.O.L. Jet
30	Crisis Approaches the Earth
31	Takiko's Apartment
32	A Special Broadcast
33	The End of the Moon
34	Terror of the Great Flood
35	Two Minutes To Go
36	Did We Escape It?
37	We Did It!
38	Ending
39	We Are Space Pilots [1] (Karaoke)
40	We Are Space Pilots [1] (Materials)
41	We Are Space Pilots [1] 
42	We Are Space Pilots [2] (Karaoke)
43	We Are Space Pilots [2] (Materials)
44	We Are Space Pilots [2] (Monophonic)
45	Grand Cabaret (Monophonic)