1998 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Monster Island's Decisive Battle: Son Of Godzilla
Japanese Title: Kaiju-shima no Kessen - Gojira no Musuko
Movie also known as: Son Of Godzilla
CD Label: Futureland / Toshiba EMI Japan
CD Number: TYCY-5352
Music by: Masaru Satoh
Number of tracks: 34
Running time: 38:15
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 1993
Year Movie Released in Japan: 1967
Year Movie Released in U.S.(TV): 1969


This CD is the second in a row by Masaru Satoh. For those who didn't like this movie and the goofy Minya (aka Minilla), the beginning of Track #2, "Main Title", will be instantly recognizable. This movie has Minya hatching on Monster Island and being picked on by the spider monster Spiega (aka Kumonga) and mantis monster Gimantis (aka Kamacuras). This was really the beginning of the end as this movie was definitely geared toward children and the budgets slashed. Minya is just a whiny little monster that goes around blowing smoke rings instead of fire. The Minya theme gets repeated in tracks 15, 17 & 19. A lot of the music on this CD is surprisingly better than the movie it's from. Most of the tracks actually have a suspenseful feel to them (except for Minya's themes).

Overall a nice listening experience but nothing memorable except the kiddy tune of Minya's theme. As with the previous scores by Mr. Satoh, if you hear the music without the film you'd be hard pressed to associate it with Godzilla.

Son Of Godzilla

  1. Opening (M1)
  2. Main Title (M2)
  3. The Sherbet Plan (M3)
  4. Visitor(s) from the Sky (M4)
  5. The Uninvited Guest(s) (M5)
  6. The Giant Praying Mantis (M6)
  7. The Young Girl From Zorugeru Island (M7)
  8. Preparing for the Experiment (M8)
  9. The Frozen Sonde I (M9)

  10. [NOTE: 'sonde' is a medical probe/scope or balloon used for meteorological observations]
  11. The Synthetic Radioactive Sonde I (M10)
  12. The Island's Misery (M11)
  13. Gimantis (M12)
  14. The Appearance of the Egg (M13)
  15. The Silhouette on the Tree (M14T2)
  16. The Birth of Minya (M15)
  17. Parent Godzilla Comes Ashore (M16)
  18. Psycho and Minya (M17)
  19. Shinjo and Psycho (M18)
  20. Godzilla and Minya I (M19)
  21. Godzilla and Minya II (M20)
  22. Night on Zorugeru Island (M21)
  23. The Hot Red Marsh (M22)
  24. The Research Team's Impatience (M23)
  25. Psycho's Crisis (M24T2)
  26. Minya vs. Gimantis (M25)
  27. The Appearance of Spiga (M26)
  28. Preparing to Escape (M27)
  29. Minya vs. Spiga (M28)
  30. Preparing for the Final Experiment (M29)
  31. Frozen Sonde II (M30)
  32. The Synthetic Radioactive Sonde II (M31)
  33. Godzilla vs. Spiga (M32)
  34. Snow Falls on the Tropical Island (M33)
  35. Ending (M34T3)