1998 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Battle In Outer Space
Japanese Title Uchu Daisenso
Movie also known as: The Great Space War
CD Label Futureland / Toshiba EMI Japan
CD Number TYCY-5501
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 42
Running time 67:04
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1996
Year Movie Released in Japan 1959
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1960


May 5, 2000

This CD contains some music that will be familiar to fans of Godzilla and other Toho monster films. While there is a lot of new music here that hasn't appeared before, there are also several marches and other themes that will sound like variations we've heard in other movies.

The CD has a good mix of many styles and tempos. We get everything from fast marches to slower, more somber numbers. Track #9 even has a jazz flavor to it. The alternate takes and sound effects here only take up the last 7 tracks so the CD is pretty loaded with music from the movie. Some of the themes get repeated a little too often for my taste which makes the CD a little annoying at times as a stand alone listening experience. Overall this is a good sounding CD worthy of a listen with over an hour's worth of music on it.

U.S. Title:      Battle In Outer Space
Japanese Title:  Uchu Daisenso
1.	Opening
2.	Main Title
3.	Bizarre Incident on the Tokaido Railway
4.	A Series of Strange Incidents
5.	Emergency Strategy Session
6.	Professor Ahmed*
7.	Ahmed's* Escape
8.	Starry Sky
9.	Car Radio - Background Music
10.	Brainwashing
11.	The Magnificence of the Base
12.	Parade I (Edited)
13.	Parade II (Edited)
14.	The Spip* Blasts Off
15.	The Remains
16.	The Heat Ray Gun
17.	Lunar Landing
18.	The Lunar Surface
19.	The Exploration Vehicle Starts Moving
20.	Air Cushion
21.	Iwamura and the Spip*
22.	Onward!
23.	The Cave
24.	The Nataru* Base
25.	The Natalese*
26.	Lunar World Battle I
27.	Lunar World Battle II
28.	Return of the Spip*
29.	News Spreads Worldwide
30.	Prepare to Ambush
31.	Combat Rockets Launched
32.	Battle in Outer Space
33.	Wrath of the Freeze Gun
34.	Destroy the Giant Mother Ship!
35.	No Trace of the Enemy
36.	Ending
37.	Parade M I  (PS  Salute of Honor T2)
38.	Parade M II (PS  Battle Cry T3)
39.	Parade M III (PS  The Heavens)

Other Takes
40.	M5T2

Sound Effects
41.	Sound of the Nataru* Saucer in Flight
42.	[Battle in Outer Space]  Preview Edition

*  This is a direct transliteration from the Japanese.