1998 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Dagora
Japanese Title Uchu Daikaiju Dogora
Movie also known as: Dagora, The Space Monster
Space Monster Dogora
CD Label Futureland
CD Number TYCY-5503
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 41
Running time 64:47
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1996
Year Movie Released in Japan 1964
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1964


This is a really enjoyable CD and most of the music on it will be very familiar. The music is by Akira Ifukube and almost all the tracks on this CD sound like variations of music we have heard in all the best Godzilla films. As you can see from the titles there is lot of the material after track 27 that is taken from other films and includes some dialog and sound effects.

Overall a very enjoyable CD with a really good mixture of familiar tunes.

Updated some title translations 10-21-99 courtesy of August Ragone

English Title:	 Toho Monster Movies Special Collection Vol. 6 (Dogora, The Space Monster)
Japanese Title:  Toho Kaiju Eiga Senshu 6  (Uchu Dai-Kaiju Dogora)	 

 1.	The Toho Logo - The Man-made Satellite
 2.	Main Title
 3.	Radio Background Music I
 4.	Radio Background Music II
 5.	Bizarre Incident at Night
 6.	A Luminous Entity on the Safe
 7.	Strange Incident at the Thermoelectric Plant
 8.	A Coal Truck Rises Off the Ground
 9.	Appearance of the Luminous Entity
10.	Headline News
11.	Raining Down Rocks and Stones
12.	The Iwato Bridge and Dogora
13.	Will Dogora Become Extinct?
14.	Dogora Multiplies and Multiplies
15.	Dogora's Natural Enemy
16.	Dogora's Offspring Strike Back
17.	The Air Corps Launches an Offensive
18.	Explosive Sounds of Victory
19.	Ending

Collection of Other Takes, etc.
20.	M2T1
21.	M14T1
22.	M16AT1
23.	M16AT2 (Modified pitch)

Collection of Sound Effects

24.	The Cells & Adult Dogora
25.	Cellular Fission
26.	Dogora Offspring
27.	'Dogora, The Space Monster'  [Preview Trailer]

Godzilla Series/Collection of Other Takes, etc.

From 'Godzilla, King of the Monsters'  (Japanese title: 'Gojira')
28.	MA  (Massive Chaos in Shinagawa)

From 'King Kong vs. Godzilla'  (Japanese title: 'Kingukongu tai Gojira')
29.	M8T1  (Thunder and The Avenging God)
30.	M26T1 (The Plan to Rescue Fumiko II)

From 'Godzilla vs. The Thing'  (Japanese title: 'Mosura tai Gojira')
31.	M1T1 (Main Title)
32.	M5T1  (The Little Beauty's Theme Song)

From 'Ghidrah, The 3-Headed Monster'  
	(Japanese title: 'San Daikaiju: Chikyu Saidai no Kessen')
33.	M8T1 (Rodan of Aso)
	(Mt. Aso is the volcano where the Rodans perished in the
	first film)
34.	M18AT1 (The Three Monsters Parley)

From 'Monster Zero'  (Japanese title: 'Kaiju Daisenso')
35.	M18T1  (Leaving Planet X)

From 'Destroy All Monsters'  (Japanese title: 'Kaiju Soshingeki')
36.	M2T1 (Main Title)
37.	M2T2
38.	M2T3
39.	M11T1 (The Unknown Metal)

From 'The Terror of Godzilla'  (Japanese title: 'Mekagojira no Gyakushu')
40.	M2T1 (The Living Dinosaur)
41.	M23T1 (Ending)