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Title Frankenstein Conquers The World
Japanese Title Furankenshutain tai chité kaijû Baragon
Movie also known as: Frankenstein vs. Baragon
Frankenstein vs. the Giant Devil Fish
Frankenstein vs. the Subterranean Monster
Frankenstein and the Giant Lizard
Frankenstein Meets the Giant Devil Fish
CD Label Futureland / Toshiba EMI Japan
CD Number TYCY-5504
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 43
Running time 58:38
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1997
Year Movie Released in Japan 1965
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1966


May 9, 2000

Tracks # 1 through # 33 on this disc are from the original Japanese version of the film while tracks # 34 & # 35 are alternate cues and tracks # 36, 37 & 38 were used in the international version outside Japan. Tracks # 39 through # 42 are sound effects from the movie while the last track, # 43, is the audio from the movie trailer. Track # 9 is a very up-tempo jazzy piece with strains of "The Twist" and sounds like it could have come out of a 1960's U.S. Beach Party movie. Tracks # 18, 23, 34 & 35 also have a beach party flavor to them. We get some repeated music throughout the disc but not as much as in some of the other CD's in this series or the Godzilla CD's.

This CD is a pretty good mix of styles and tempos and is not bad as a stand-alone listening experience but I think most of the music works better in the movie.

U.S. Title:      Frankenstein Conquers The World
Japanese Title:  Furankenshutain tai chité kaijû Baragon

1.	Main Title
2.	The Heart Transport Route
3.	U-Boat Attacked and Sunk
4.	Hiroshima
5.	The Vanishing Shadow(s)
6.	Encounter in the Rain
7.	Miyajima
8.	Protected Vagrant Child
9.	TV Go-Go Dance M
10.	Sueko's* Pendant
11.	The Strange Person in the Cage
12.	The Strange Person Lashes Out
13.	The Strange Person Escapes
14.	Parting
15.	Discovery of the Wrist
16.	The Remaining Wrist
17.	Liquid Culture
18.	Dance M on the Sightseeing Boat on Lake Biwa
19.	Frankenstein at Lake Biwa
20.	The Whereabouts of the Wrist
21.	The Tank Brigade Swings into Action
22.	The Incident in the Mountains – Search March
23.	Mountaineers Hut at Shirane - Surfing M
24.	Tragedy at Shirane
25.	Fear of Baragon**
26.	Frankenstein at the Quarry
27.	Akita Yuda's Memories
28.	Search in the Fog
29.	Frankenstein vs. Baragon I
30.	Frankenstein vs. Baragon II
31.	Frankenstein vs. Baragon III
32.	Frankenstein vs. Baragon IV
33.	Ending

Collection of Other Takes
34.	M9T1
35.	M18A

Music for Overseas Edition
36.	M13
37.	M14
38.	Frankenstein vs. Giant Octopus     King Kong vs. Godzilla

Sound Effects
39.	The Sound of Frankenstein's Heart Beating (2 Variations)
40.	The Submarine's Alarm
41.	Frankenstein's Voice
42.	Baragon's Cry
43.	"Frankenstein Conquers the World" -  Preview Edition

*  Alternative Translation:  "Toshiko's Pendant"
** Alternative Translation:  "Baragon's Fear"