1998 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Godzilla
Japanese Title Gojira
Movie also known as: Godzilla 1984
The Return Of Godzilla
CD Label King Record Co. / Star Child
CD Number 230A 7022
Music by: Reijiro Koroku
Number of tracks 29
Running time 49:22
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1989
Year Movie Released in Japan 1984
Year Movie Released in U.S. 1985
NOTE: As with the original Godzilla, the Japanese and U.S. versions of this film are quite different. The Japanese versions of these movies do not have Raymond Burr in them among other things.


This Stereo Original Soundtrack to Godzilla 1984 surprised me. It is definitely not one of my favorites and I'd be hard pressed to recommend it to the casual Godzilla fan. All 29 tracks on this CD are very mellow with none of the action oriented, rousing music we find in Ifukube's scores. If you have a choice between this CD and the expanded one on Futureland (TYCY-5360), go with the Futureland release. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing bad about this music, it's just way too mellow and laid back for my tastes. This CD would be an excellent choice if you want to just sit back and relax in a quiet room (with or without headphones)and drift off to dreamland.

U.S. Title: Godzilla 1985
Japanese Title: Gojira

  1. Main Theme
  2. The Two Meet
  3. Theme Song: Godzilla Comes Ashore
  4. Destruction of the Nuclear Power Plant
  5. Izu/Oshima/Miharayama
  6. The Nuclear Satellite(s) in Outer Space
  7. Emergency Evacuation Orders
  8. Tokyo Bay: Godzilla Roars
  9. The Capital Goes Up in Flames
  10. The Super X Theme Song
  11. Dive Down to 400 - On The Double!
  12. The High-Rise Building, The Isolated Twosome
  13. Fight to the Death: Godzilla vs. Super X
  14. Godzilla Heads to Miharayama
  15. Ending Theme (not used in the original version)
  16. Farewell Theme
  17. Godzilla: Love's Theme
  18. Naoko's *1 Theme 1
  19. Anxiety
  20. News Bulletin
  21. The Appearance
  22. Night View
  23. Naoko's *1 Theme 2
  24. Testimony
  25. Naoko's *1 Theme 3
  26. The Defense Force
  27. Background Music 1 (not included)
  28. Background Music 2 (not included)
  29. Background Music 3 (not included)

*1 This is a girl's name. The same characters can also be read "Hisako", "Yoshiko", "Takako", etc.