© 1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe
Japanese Title Gamera Daikaijû Kuchu Kessen
Movie also known as: Gamera: Giant Monster Midair Showdown
CD Label Tokuma Japan Communications
CD Number TKCA-70596
Music by: Kou Ootani
Number of tracks 29
Running time 51:33
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1995
Year Movie Released in Japan 1995
Year Movie Released in U.S.(Video) 1998


April 4, 2000

This is the first of the new Gamera films of the 1990's. Here we get top notch special effects and Gamera is much more menacing. No longer the kiddie films of the 60's & 70's but something very watchable for all ages.

The music on this CD is very action oriented as is the movie. I enjoyed the music on this CD by Kou Ootani and it works as stand alone music but I feel it works even better in the film and that after all is what a soundtrack is supposed to do.

U.S. Title: Gamera: Guardian Of The Universe
Japanese Title: Gamera Daikaij├╗ Kuchu Kessen

  1. Opening - The Premonition
  2. Main Title
  3. The Research Vessel(s)
  4. The Catastrophe on Himegami Island
  5. Appearance and Traces of the Monstrous Bird
  6. The Skies above the Island
  7. The Atoll at Night
  8. Mystery at the Bottom of the Sea
  9. The Launch of Operation "Fukuoka Dome Round-up"
  10. Leading the Way
  11. Terror Closes In
  12. Gamera Appears
  13. Gaos Flees
  14. The Ancient Civilization and Oriharukon*
  15. Tactical Center at the Defense Agency
  16. The Suspension Bridge: The Critical Moment
  17. Gamera Shot Down
  18. The Tank Brigade
  19. Fuji. Gamera in Danger
  20. Gaos' Chromosomes
  21. Gaos' Flies to Tokyo
  22. Tokyo Tower Collapses
  23. Gamera and Asaki
  24. Here He Comes!**
  25. Gamera vs. Gaos
  26. The Midair Showdown
  27. Gamera Counterattacks
  28. Ending Theme...."To the Sea"
  29. Theme Song "The Myth" by Bakufu Slump

* This is a direct transliteration from the Japanese.
** Alternate Translations: "Here She Comes!", "Here It Comes!" or "Here They Come!"