© 1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title The Legend Of Gamera II
CD Label Tokuma Japan Communications
CD Number TKCA-70606
Music by: Ohtani
Number of tracks 49
Running time 59:44
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1997


October 18,1999

Upon listening again to this CD I thought it would be a good time to add a review.

First off I have to be honest and admit I have never been a big fan of the early Gamera movies but love the three more adult oriented ones released here in the 1990's. It's probably due to the fact that these movies were really geared toward young children and often their production values were worse than Toho's of that same period. When these movies were first shown here in the US, whether at a theater or on TV, I was already in my teens or early 20's so these movies lacked appeal to me. Of course the Godzilla movies of the late 60's and 70's were lacking also compared to the great ones that went before.

Anyway, where is this rambling taking me. Well, for one thing, most of the music in the early Gamera movies was really something you might expect to hear on a Saturday morning cartoon show aimed at young tykes. For some reason the only Gamera music from that perod that I really liked and stuck in my head was the silly Gamera theme song. That said, you really want to know about this CD. If you are looking for a lot of music, this isn't for you. The first 12 tracks are all short sound effects cues. The rest of the tracks on this CD contains some music but also contains a lot of dialogue from the various movies along with more sound effects.

If you're looking for Gamera music, this one is for completists only. If you go for the sound effects and movie dialogue, then you'd probably enjoy this CD.

The Legend of Gamera II

From "Gamera:  Giant Monster Midair Showdown" 
(Japanese Title:  Daikaiju Kuchusen Gamera Tai Gaos)

1	Gaos' Supersonic Waves (Various Versions)
2	Spark to Shell
3	Gaos Spinning
4	Sound of Gamera Approaching in Flight
5	Gamera Blowing Fire
6	Sound of Gamera's Blast
7	Gaos' Cries  (Various Versions)
8	Sound of Gamera Approaching in Flight, Revolving
9	Sound of Water for the Fight
10	Sound of Gaos' Shuttlecock  (Various Versions)  *1
11	Eruption of Mount Fuji and the Lava Flow
12	Sound of Gaos Passing

From "Gamera vs. Viras" 
(Japanese Title: Gamera Tai Uchu Kaiju Bairasu")

13	DB-1
14	DB-2
15	DB-16-A
16	DB-18
17	DB-19
18	DB-20
19	Viras' Voice  (Various Versions)
20	Super Catcher Shooting and Pulling in Beams
21	Gamera's Blast
22	Spaceship Sounds
23	Dragging Sound
24	Spinning Groan
25	Gamera and Viras Fly Out of the Water
26	Bubbles, Gamera's Breath Underwater
27	Underwater Fight Sounds
28	Rope Toss  (Various Versions)   *1

From "Gamera vs. Guiron"
(Japanese Title:  Gamera Tai Daiakuju Giron")

29	DB-1-M-1
30	DB-1 (Second Half)
31	DB-5
32	DB-6 (Second Half)
33	DB-15
34	DB-16
35	DB-21
36	DB-24
37	Guiron's Cry
38	Sound of the Band (The Spaceman's Stomach)   *2
39	Sound of the Spaceship(s) in Parallel
40	Sound of Rubble Dropping (for background)
41	Sound of Guiron Appearing (Above the ground)
42	Sound of the Beheading  (Various Versions)
43	Guiron Leaps from Behind
44	Guiron's Groan
45	Guiron's Bark
46	Sound of the River Backflow
47	Guiron's Bark #2
48	Sounds Inside the Spaceship
49	Sound of Footsteps Retreating in the Spaceship

The Below Listing Appears On The Inside Of The CD Booklet
And Tells Where In The Movie Some Of These Tracks Are Used.

From "Gamera vs. Viras"
(Japanese Title: Gamera Tai Uchu Kaiju Bairasu")

13	00:00	Used in the opening Daiei telop
14	06:59	Used when the order is given for the entire 
                Boy Scout troop to assemble
15	45:09	Used when the UFO transmits telepathic waves to Gamera
16	74:69	Used when the spaceman goes to seek help from Viras  *4
17	84:48	Used during the underwater fight scene between 
                Gamera and Viras
18	86:19	Used when Gamera flips over from too much momentum

From "Gamera vs. Guiron"
(Japanese Title:  Gamera Tai Daiakuju Giron")

29	00:20	Used in the opening Daiei telop
30	01:09	Used when Gamera's telop appears
31	07:37	Used when Akeo, Tom and Yuko head to the 
                mountain by bicycle  *5
32	15:48	Used when Gamera heads to outer space and 
                battles the spaceship
33	47:52	Used when Akeo says "Look, there's Gamera"    *5
34	52:02	Used at the beginning of the fight with Gamera 
                when Guiron appears
35	62:48	Used once Guiron reappears
36	79:42	Used in the final scene when Gamera reaches Earth 
                with Akeo and Tom *5

*1  This is a direct transliteration from the Japanese.
*2  Alternative Translation:  Spacemen's Stomach
*4  Alternative Translation:  Spacemen
*5  Pronunciation of name Akeo could not be determined with certainty.