© 1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Gamera 3: The Awakening of Iris
Japanese Title Gamera 3: Iris kakusei
CD Label Tokuma Japan Communications
CD Number TKCA-71570
Music Composed & Arranged by: Kow Otani
Number of tracks 44
Running time 60:39
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1999
Year Movie Released in Japan 1999
Year Movie Released in U.S. N/A


Updated 12/12/1999

The "Gamera 3" soundtrack contains mostly laid back, suspenseful type music with no really rousing, action type music as in the last movie. Unlike the "Gamera 2" soundtrack there are also no sound effects or movie sound bites. The very last track on this disc, Track # 44, is a pretty female vocal. The music here isn't bad but I found it to be somewhat boring and not what I expected after the last two Gamera soundtracks. There is a lot of string instrument music on this disc. I have now seen the movie and it's pretty good. The music works much better in the film (as I thought it might)than it does as a stand alone listening experience. Unfortunately I really can't recommend spending much or looking hard to find this CD unless you like laid back music without much action. It's just too laid back for my tastes and I really wanted some great action themes as in the first two Gamera films.

U.S. Title: Gamera 3: The Awakening of Iris
("The Guardian of the Universe 1999: Incomplete Struggle")
Japanese Title: Gamera 3: Iris kakusei

  1. Prologue
  2. Main Title
  3. The Nightmare(s)
  4. Heaven and Earth are Evil, Destroy Them
  5. The Discovery
  6. The Seal
  7. Ryuseicho
  8. Catastrophe
  9. The Destruction of Shibuya
  10. Hatred
  11. Birth
  12. Iris
  13. The Shrine Sword
  14. Alien Life Form(s)
  15. Fusion
  16. Manna *1
  17. The Cocoon(s)
  18. Bizarre Occurrence(s)
  19. The Investigation
  20. The Black, Curved Jewels
  21. Chromosome Samples
  22. Response
  23. The Evil Deity Awakens
  24. The Self-Defense Forces Mobilizes
  25. Imago Iris
  26. The Mystery of Gamera
  27. Mutant(s)
  28. Resolve: Theme Song Variation
  29. Flight
  30. Offense and Defense
  31. Aerial Battle
  32. The Advent of Iris
  33. Descendants from Antiquity
  34. Kyoto Goes Up In Flames
  35. Crash
  36. Ayana and Iris
  37. Gamera... Dead?!?
  38. The Confrontation
  39. Reminiscing
  40. Desperation
  41. Roaring Flame
  42. The Guardian Beast
  43. Ending Theme: Gamera 1999
  44. Tell Me Again *2 (The Soundtrack Version)

*1 Or possibly 'Mana'.
*2 Or possibly 'Tell Us Again' or 'Show Me (Us) Again'