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CD Label Tokuma / Animage
CD Number TKCA-71801
Music Composed by: Ko Otani
Number of tracks Disc 1 - 45
Disc 2 - 49
Disc 3 - 49
Running time Disc 1 - 67:43
Disc 2 - 62:16
Disc 3 - 74:01
Number of discs 3
Year of release/manufacture 1999


Feb. 7, 2000

Review and info courtesy of David Hirsch

This is a nicely packaged 3 disc set spotlighting Ko Ohtani's wonderful work on the new Gamera series. The double jewel box comes in a jet black cardboard slipbox with a full color 32 page booklet and each CD emblazoned with a black and white image of a the foe from each film.

The first CD is dedicated completely to GAMERA: GUARDIAN OF THE UNIVERSE. Unlike the first soundtrack release, the new collection features 13 unreleased cues. mostly score tracks that were cut and a few alternate takes. Bonus tracks include a suite of sound effects and the theatrical trailer audio in much the same fashion as the Toho Futureland series. One of the biggest differences between this release and the original is the sound quality. The spatial ambience of the orchestra is broader and you can hear more instrumentation than ever before. Gamera's roar has been removed from the tail of “To the Sea” and the end title song has also been remixed with a nice new opening movement (the original version does not appear, though). Overall, a stunning audio treat.

The second CD is GAMERA 2: THE ADVENT OF LEGION. This is a bit of an oddity. There are no new score tracks here and one cue, “Countdown 1,” which wasn't used in the final film, but was on the original soundtrack, has been removed to the end. Of course, a sound effects suite and trailer audio follows, but the CD ends oddly with the single versions of the original Gamera songs from the first film series. Some of the cues sound like they have a little more spatial enhancement, but it's not as noticeable as the first CD.

GAMERA 3: THE AWAKENING OF IRYAS round off the set with exactly the same running order as the album released last year. Funny thing about this score, I was disappointed when I first heard it, but after seeing the film, it's become a favorite with its dark, moody motifs. Besides the sound effects and trailer audio, the bonus section includes the original score cues for the trailer and the single version of “Tell Me Once Again”.

If you have the original three soundtrack CDs, there's not much here to really demand this set, other than the sound quality of the first score. However, I love these soundtracks and am something of a completest. Besides, the sound effects are always fun. If you don't have a complete set, this is a bargain for the price CDJapan was offering (and we got ours within a week from ordering!).

- - David Hirsch --

UPDATED January 5, 2002


Japanese Title:	Gamera-daikaiju kuchu kessen (“Gamera-Decisive Air Battle”)

 1. M-1 Opening
 2. M-2 Main Title
 3. M-3 Mysterious Drifting Atoll *
 4. M-4 An Investigation Ship
 5. M-5 Tragic Accident at Himegami Island
 6. M-6 Atoll Discovery *
 7. M-7 Appearance of a Mysterious Bird - Pursuit
 8. M-8 Over the Island
 9. M-9 Night at the Atoll
10. M-10 Mystery of the Atoll
11. M-11 Seizure of Fukuoka Dome Begins
12. M-12 Guidance
13. M-13 Approaching Terror
14. M-14 Gamera Appears
15. M-15 Gyaos Flees
16. M-16 News *
17. M-17 Ancient Civilization and the Orihalcon
18. M-18 Massacre Effect *
19. M-19 Giant Creature Capture *
20. M-20 Defense Agency - Strategy Room
21. M-21 Suspension Bridge - In the Crisis
22. M-22 Gamera's Sudden Attack
23. M-23 Tank Corps
24. M-24 Gamera in Danger at Fuji
25. M-25 Asagi's Sleep *
26. M-26 Gyaos Chromosome
27. M-27A#2 Environmental Change I *
28. M-27B Environmental Change II *
29. M-28 Gyaos Flies Over Tokyo
30. M-29 Collapse of Tokyo Tower
31. M-30 Death District Gyaos *
32. M-31 Gamera & Asagi
33. M-32 Arrival
34. M-33 Gamera Vs. Gyaos
35. M-34 Air Battle
36. M-35 Gamera's Counterattack
37. M-36 Ending Theme - To the Sea
38. Main Theme Song - Myth (remix version) Bakufu Slump


39 Opening ~ Omen ~ alternate version (M1 Women's Choir Version) * 40 News alternate version (M16A) * 41 Ancient Civilization & Orihalcon out take (M17#1)* 42 Environmental Change I out take (M27A#1)* 43 Magatama's Light Bristle ([SFX: Orihalcon] version) (Magatama only) (The magatama are the comma-shaped stones which link the wearer to Gamera) 44. SFX: Gamera - Roars, Footfall and Flight Gyaos - Roar, Flight, Wings, Eat, Laser Beam, Artifact - Heartbeat and Destruction Machines - Helecopter, Tanks, Missile Strikes 45. Theatrical Trailer Audio CD2 English Title: GAMERA 2: ADVENT OF LEGION Japanese Title: Gamera 2: Region shurai (“Gamera 2: Attack of Legion”) 1. M-1 Opening 2. M-2 Main Title - A Meteor Stream 3. M-3 Go! Science Platoon 4. M-4 Aurora 5. M-5 Abnormality 6. M-6 Shadow 7. M-7 Unidentified Creature 8. M-8 A Sudden Assault 9. M-9 Blockade Order 10. M-10 A Group of Mysterious Creatures 11. M-11 Appearance of Soutai 12. M-12 Rescue Operation 13. M-13 Strategy Meeting 14. M-14 Demolition Plans 15. M-15 Simulation 16. M-16 Appearance of Gamera 17. M-17B Countdown 2 18. M-18 Flying Over 19. M-19 Thy Name is Legion 20. M-20 Enormous Legion Conformed 21. M-21 Autopsy 22. M-22 Body Formation Solved 23. M-23 Day of Catastrophe 24. M-24 Soutai Goes Down South 25. M-25 Refugees 26. M-26 Clash of 2 Giant Monsters 27. M-27 Desperate Struggle 28. M-28 Explosion 29. M-29 Defeat 30. M-30 The Setting Sun 31. M-30A Tank Corps on the Move 1 32. M-31 Salute 33. M-32 Preparation to Attack 34. M-33 Tank Corps on the Move 2 35. M-34B Presentiment 1 36. M-35 Presentiment 2 37. M-36 Revival 38. M-37 Anti-Aircraft Fire 39. M-38 Counterattack 40. M-39 All Out War 41. M-40 Last Defense Line 42. M-41 The Ultimate Blow 43. M-42 Ending - Roar 44. Wolves (Sky)


45. M17A Countdown 1 46. SFX: Gamera - Footfalls, Liftoff, Landing Legion - Roars, Motion, Coming Aboveground, Rays, Soldiers Walking, Soldiers Swarm Flight, Machines - Jets, Tanks, Gunfire 47. Theatrical Trailer Audio 48. (The Original) Gamera Song 49. (Another) Gamera Song (Twist) CD3 English Title: GAMERA 3: INCOMPLETE STRUGGLE “Gamera 3: The Awakening of Irys / The Evil God” 1. M-1 Prologue 2. M-2 Main Title 3. M-3 The Nightmare 4. M-4 Refusing Heaven and Earth: Indestructible 5. M-5 The Discovery 6. M-6 The Seal 7. M-7 Yanagaboshi Hari 8. M-8 Catastrophe 9. M-9 The Destruction of Shibuya 10. M-10 Hatred 11. M-11 The Birth 12. M-12 Irys 13. M-13 The Shrine Sword 14. M-14 Different Life Form 15. M-15 Fusion 16. M-16 Manna 17. M-17 The Cocoon 18. M-18 Bizarre Occurrence 19. M-19 The Investigation 20. M-20 The Black Curved Jewel 21. M-21 Chromosome Sample 22. M-22 Response 23. M-23 The Evil Deity Awakens 24. M-24 Self-Defense Forces Mobilized 25. M-25 Mature Irys 26. M-26 The Mystery of Gamera 27. M-27 Strange Variation 28. M-28 Resolve: Theme Song Variation 29. M-29 Flight 30. M-30 Offense and Defense 31. M-31 The Air War 32. M-32 The Descent of Irys 33. M-32A Descendants from Antiquity 34. M-33 Kyoto in Flames 35. M-34 The Crash 36. M-35 Ayana and Irys 37. M-36 Will Gamera Die?! 38. M-37 Confrontation 39. M-38 Recollections 40. M-39 Desperation 41. M-40 The Red Lotus Flame 42. M-41 The Guardian Beast 43. M-42 Ending Theme: Gamera 1999 44. “Tell Me Once Again”


45. Theatrical Trailer BGM part 1 (original full version) 46. Theatrical Trailer BGM part 2 47. SFX: Gamera - Groans Iryas - Groans, Movement, Flight, Baby Iryas Squeals, Beams Weapons - Missile Tracking & Launch Suite - Air Battle 48. Theatrical Trailer Audio 49. “Tell Me Once Again” (single version) *previously unreleased