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Title Gamera vs. Viras
Japanese Title Gamera tai uchu kaiju Bairasu
Movie also known as: Gamera vs. The Outer Space Monster Virus
Destroy All Planets
CD Label VAP Inc. Records
CD Number VAPCD-81158
Music Composed by: Kenjiro Hirose
Number of tracks 23
Running time 68:02
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1996
Year Movie Released in Japan 1968


This is number 22 in a series of Daiei Films movie scores, the fourth film in the original Gamera series and, unfortunately, the dullest of scores. Hirose based much of it on a plodding, brass, percussion and electronic theme for the Virian alien invaders. The other original part of the score is more suited to 1940s circa cartoon, bourbon street jazz meets Tom and Jerry. Of course the Gamera theme song appears throughout in both instrumental and vocal versions. The CD also contains an SFX track of monster sounds.

-- David Hirsch

U.S. Title: Gamera vs. Space Monster Viras
Japanese Title: Gamera tai uchu kaiju Bairasu

Updated track titles 10/23/2003 courtesy of John Cassidy

  1. Daiei Mark
  2. Opening
  3. Main Title "Gamera March" (Film Version)
  4. Hamabe Boy Scouts = "Happy Scouts"
  5. All Boy Scouts Assembled ("Happy Scouts" Arrangement BGM)
  6. Masao And Jim's Prank
  7. The Two Men Return Impatiently
  8. The Successful Prank
  9. Through The Open Window, We See The Bottom Of The Sea
  10. The Encounter With Gamera
  11. Together With Gamera ("Gamera March" Arrangement BGM)
  12. The Super Catch Beam ~ Gamera's Past ~ The Discovered Weakness
    ("Gamera March" Arrangement BGM - Medley Use)
  13. The Captured Two Boys ~ The Threat To Gamera
  14. Inside The Space Ship ~ Firing The Brainwave Control Apparatus
  15. The Telepathy Materialization Machine ~ The Mysterious Space Creatures
  16. Gamera, Destroy!
  17. Escape ~ The Choice Of Mankind ~ The Commanding Officer's Proposal
  18. Reversing The Brain Wave Control Coil ~ Escape From The Spaceship ~ Gamera's Counterattack
  19. Gamera VS Viras (Monster Sound Effects)
  20. The Viras Aliens Unite ~ Gamera Vs. Viras
  21. Formidable Enemy Viras ~ Underwater Fight ("Gamera March" Arrangement BGM - Medley Use)
  22. Decisive Battle ~ Viras' Final Moment (Same)/Ending
  23. Reversing The Brain Wave Control Coil ~ Escape From The Spaceship ~ Gamera's Counterattack (Extra Take)