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Title Gamera Vs Guiron
Japanese Title Gamera tai daiakuju Giron
Movie also known as: Attack of the Monsters
CD Label VAP Inc. Records
CD Number VAPCD-81159
Music Composed by: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Number of tracks 31
Running time 68:36
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1996
Year Movie Released in Japan 1969


This is number 29 in a series of Daiei Films movie scores, the fifth film in the original Gamera series. Kikuchi improves, somewhat, on the score for the previous film, GAMERA VS. VIRAS, by avoiding a too much of a cartoon sound, but still keeping with a lighthearted nature. The result is a score that stands on its own much better and is quite entertaining. Still sub par to Akira Ifukube's GODZILLA scores, lightyears ahead of Riichiro Manabe on the same series.

-- David Hirsch --

U.S. Title: Gamera Vs Guiron
Japanese Title: Gamera tai daiakuju Giron

Updated track titles 10/23/2003 courtesy of John Cassidy

  1. Daiei Mark
  2. Mystery Of The Great Cosmos
  3. Main Title
  4. The Mysterious Signals From Space
  5. 50 Thousand Years To Proxyri Centauri!!
  6. The Approaching Spaceship
  7. The Children And Kon-chan At The Police Substation ~ To Urayama
  8. Discovering The Spaceship ~ Enter Gamera
  9. Gamera March (Film Version)
  10. Tomoko Worries For Her Big Brother
  11. Space Gyaos VS Guillon (Monster Sound Effects)
  12. Space Gyaos And Guillon
  13. The Eyes Watching The Two Boys
  14. The Ruined Planet "Terra" ~ Gamera Searches For The Boys
  15. State Of Hypnosis ~ The Connection Between Gamera And Children
  16. The Aliens' Plan
  17. Tomoko's Prayer
  18. Gamera Heads For Terra ~ Akio's Close Call
    ("Gamera March" Arrangement BGM - Medley Use)
  19. Gamera Vs. Guillon 1
  20. The Failure In The Escape Plan
  21. Guillon Runs Wildly ~ The Spaceship Chopped In Half
  22. Gamera VS Guillon (Monster Sound Effects)
  23. Gamera Vs. Guillon 2
  24. Gamera's Victory ~ Repairing The Spaceship
    ("Gamera March" Arrangement BGM - Medley Use)
  25. To Earth - Gamera March (Movie Version 2)
  26. Gamera Is Coming
  27. Ending ("Gamera March" Arrangement BGM - Medley Use)
  28. To Earth ("Gamera March" Arrangement BGM/Unused)
  29. Warning To The Earth ~ Escape (GAMERA VS. DEEP SEA MONSTER ZIGRA - Unused)
  30. Humanity Surrenders (Same)
  31. Hand-To-Hand Combat (GAMERA VS. GREAT DEMON BEAST JIGER - Unused)