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Title Gamera vs. Monster X and Gamera vs. Zigra
Japanese Title Gamera tai Daimaju Jaiga and
Gamera tai Shinkai kaij├╗ Jigura
Gamera vs. Monster X also known as: Gamera vs. the Demon Beast Jaiga
Gamera Vs. Jiger
Gamera vs. Giger
Gamera vs. Monster K
Monsters Invade Expo '70
War of the Monsters
Gamera vs. Zigra also known as: Gamera vs. the Deep Sea Monster Zigra
CD Label VAP Inc. Records
CD Number VAPCD-81160
Music Composed by: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Number of tracks 41
Running time Total - 70:33
MONSTER X - 28:48
ZIGRA - 41:45
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1996
Year Gamera vs. Monster X Released in Japan 1970
Year Gamera vs. Zigra Released in Japan 1971


This is number 38 in a series of Daiei Films movie scores, containing both the sixth and seventh films in the original Gamera series. Kikuchi improves once again with a more serious approach to MONSTER X, led by some pleasant music for the very adult sequences on the island as the three men search for the “jewel”. Even the dirge for the stricken Gamera is well done. However, the ZIGRA score is a bit of a step back at times to the plodding alien themes of VIRAS. Still entertaining, but what can you expect from a film when Gamera plays his own theme song on Zigra's back? Still, this CD's a bargain with both scores. CD also contains an SFX track of monster sounds.

-- David Hirsch --

U.S. Title: Gamera vs. Monster X and Gamera vs. Zigra
Japanese Title: Gamera tai maju Jaiga and Gamera tai shinkai kaiju Jigura

Updated track titles 11/02/2003 courtesy of John Cassidy


  1. Commentary At The World Fair (“Hello From The Nations Of The World”) Arrangement - Medley Use
  2. The Megalith Culture
  3. The Air Transport Of Wester Island's Statue
  4. A Tinge Of Uneasiness
  5. Jiger Appears (“Gamera March” Arrangement BGM - Medley Use)
  6. Jiger Heads For The Sea
  7. Gamera In Danger
  8. Gamera To Japan (“Gamera March” Film Version - Medley Use)
  9. Gamera Arrives (“Gamera March” Arrangement BGM - Medley Use)
  10. Gamera's Greatest Crisis
  11. Gamera's Roentgen (X-Ray) Photograph
  12. The Miniature Submarine
  13. Inside Gamera's Body
  14. The Fight With The Larva Jiger ~ The Larva's Death
  15. Operation High-Voltage Speaker Preparation
  16. Operation High-Voltage Speaker
  17. Gamera Lives Again
  18. Gamera VS Jiger
  19. Jiger's Final Moment ~ Ending (“Gamera March” Film Version - Medley Use)

  21. Dainichi Films Mark ~ Daiei Mark ~ The Moon Space Station Mysteriously Demolished
  22. Baby Gang And Group
  23. Feelings For The Dolphins
  24. As For The Scientists
  25. The Spaceship Lands On The Water ~ Enter Gamera ~ The Strange Light Ray ("Gamera March" Arrangement BGM - Medley Use)
  26. A Close Call
  27. Rescued By Gamera (“Gamera March” Film Version - Medley Use)
  28. The Two Catatonic Scientists
  29. The Assassin
  30. Infiltration
  31. The Persistent Pursuit
  32. Gamera Vs. The Zigra Saucer
  33. The Clash On Dry Land ~ Zigra's Declaration Of Revenge
  34. Ms. Sugahara Regains Consciousness
  35. Bath Qatif
  36. Gamera Lives Again
  37. Gamera - Bath Qatif Rescue
  38. Gamera VS Zigra
  39. Zigra Used For A Xylophone (“Gamera March” Arrangement BGM - For Medley Use)
  40. Gamera Vs. Zigra: Fight On Dry Land ~ Zigra's Final Moment
  41. Ending (“Gamera March” Film Version - Medley Use)
  42. (Secret Track)