2006 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Ukelele Ultraman
CD Label Geneon Entertainment, Inc./Tsuburaya Prod.
CD Number GNCL-1060
Music Composed by: Kouichi Sugiyama
Music Performed by: KURICORDER QUARTET
Number of tracks 13
Running time 32:05
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture April 05, 2006


October 16, 2006

The following review courtesy of David Hirsch's Collectors Den column on the CD Japan website at: http://www.cdjapan.co.jp/collectors_den/2006-06.html.

After hearing the Japanese a Cappella group Bukimisha brilliantly perform many of the classic themes without any orchestral back up, I approached this concept CD with high hopes. Certainly, the cover promises something fun, with Ultraman, Dada and Pigmon surfing and dancing the hula on the beach. I was pleasantly surprised that the music also works very well on the ukulele. With various backup instruments, it's like a score for an episode set in Hawaii. Includes music video as CD-Extra content. Artists include LAULA, Hajimenikiyoshi, BAN BAN BAZAR and IWAO.

Note from site owner Larry Tuczynski:

After listening to this disc I was quite surprised at how well this music works on ukelele. I really enjoyed this CD and was surprised it was so short, clocking in at just over a half hour, considering the tons of Ultraman material out there. Also if you do a search on CD Japan you will see there are a bunch of other Ukelele projects including a "Ukelele Beatles" and "Ukelele Elvis".

There is also a CD Extra 'Ultraman Song' promo video featuring Ultraman, Baltan Alien, Seaboze on this disc.

Ukelele Ultraman

English track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates
This is an album of ukulele renditions of Tsuburaya tunes. For each track, there's the original title, then the performing group name after the slash, then the small print lists the composer of the original.

  1. Ultra Q Main Title ~ Main Theme / Ukulele Cafe Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
  2. Ultraman Song / Ukulele Cafe Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
  3. Special Search Squad Song / Mikihiko Matsumiya, composer Kunio Miyauchi
  4. Ultra Seven Song / Chestnut Coda Quartet, composer Toru Fuyuki
  5. Ultra Seven / Rawara, lyrics Hajime Tokyo, composer Toru Fuyuki
  6. Ultra Boys' Song / Masashi Kuzumi & Blue Hip, lyrics Hajime Tokyo, composer Toru Fuyuki
  7. Return of Ultraman / Hajime Nikiyoshi, composer Koichi Sugiyama
  8. MAT Theme / BanBan Bazaar, composer Toru Fuyuki
  9. Ultraman Ace / Kyoshi Kobayashi & Ukulele Swing Gang, composer Masahiko Sato
  10. Ultraman taro / Iwao, composer makoto Kawaguchi
  11. Horror Town (Mystery Maneuvers) / Susumu Katsushi & Ukulele Eiji, composer Naoyoshi Yamamoto
  12. Jolly Beast Booska / Chestnut Coda Quartet, composer Kunio Miyauchi
  13. Cheerful Booska / Chestnut Coda Quartet