2001 Lawrence Tuczynski

Japanese Title: Gojira X Megagirasu
CD Label: GNP Crescendo
CD Number: GNPD 8072
Music by: Michiru Ohshima
Number of tracks: 34
Running time: 50:22
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 2000
Year movie released in Japan: Dec. 2000
Year movie released in US: Not released in the U.S.


August 8, 2001

*NOTE*: This CD is essentially the same as the Japanese release so the review below is pretty much the same as the Japanese disc. The reason this disc only has 34 tracks listed versus the 35 on the Japanese import is that this disc combines Tracks 7 & 8 of the Japanese release into one track here.

I really enjoyed this CD and can see where it will grow on you with repeated listenings. The 1st track is a good action oriented track to get us started. It won't make you forget Akira Ifukube but it's a very good track. The tone of the CD seems to be on the dark, somber side. Also from what little music I've heard from various anime films I would say this music has an anime flavor to it which isn't surprising since Michiru Ohshima's forte is anime film scores. One of the recurring themes on this CD seems to be heavily influenced/borrowed from the first "Indiana Jones" movie score with a smattering of "Superman" thrown in. Like the "Godzilla 2000" score we also get two Akira Ifukube tracks which are Alternative Ending Themes track # 27 & # 28 (they are essentially the same even though they have different titles). I know some people didn't like this in the last film but I think it's a good idea. Certain Ifukube themes will always be permanently etched into the character of Godzilla that we all love. I think having a little of that music in these newer scores pays homage to what has come before and also provides a bit of continuity to the character.

As I said, I enjoyed this CD and I liked it much better than the "Godzilla 2000" score. I'll be very interested to see how this music works in the movie whenever I get an opportunity to see the film. This GNP Crescendo U.S. release is an excellant chance for you to get this music at a good price and saves you hunting for the more expensive Japanese import.

Japanese Title:	Gojira X Megagirasu

 1.) Fateful Confrontation
 2.) Main Title
 3.) To the G Countermeasure HQ
 4.) Operation Area
 5.) The G Anihillation Strategy Commences
 6.) The Ominous Gigantic Egg
 7.) Tragedy / The Revived Ancient Insect 
 8.) Kiriko and the Little Boy
 9.) Gryphon Sallies Forth
10.) G-Proximity
11.) The Street Becomes A Lake
12.) Godzilla Vs. Gryphon
13.) Meganula - Great Plague
14.) The Dimension Tide Maneuver
15.) The Ferocious Lifeform
16.) Painful Life's Work
17.) Hyperflight Dragon - Birth
18.) The Ultimate Battle Appearance
19.) Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus
20.) Suicidal Counterattack
21.) Earth's Greatest Deathmatch
22.) Dimension Tide's Limit
23.) Kiriko's Decision
24.) Black Hole Cannon, Explosion
25.) It's All Over
26.) Ending Theme

Bonus 1: (Alternative Ending Themes) 
27.) The Fury of Godzilla - (Akira Ifukube)
28.) The Decision of Godzilla - (Akira Ifukube)

Bonus 2: Godzilla Sound Effects
29.) Godzilla (2 Roars)
30.) Godzilla (Footsteps)
31.) Godzilla (Heat Beam)
32.) Megaguirus (2 Roars)
33.) Megaguirus (Wings Humming)
34.) Megaguirus (High Frequency Wave)