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English Title: Akira Ifukube Anthology - AWARE, ANA OMOSHIRO for Baritone
CD Label: BKM
CD Number: G.R.BP-06
Music Performed by: Keiko Shimomura piano, Bukimisha male chorus
Baritone: Kitamura Tetsurou
Music Composed by: Akira Ifukube
Songs: Tetsuo Kitamura
Number of tracks: 14
Running time: 42:34
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: December 28, 2019


August 07, 2020

Tetsuro Kitamura's 6th solo album, his first Akira Ifukube movie song collection.

G.R.BP-06 will possibly be reviewed at a later date.

Go to http://www.bukimi.com/maal or email Takeo Yahiro (yah@bukimi.com) for more information.

Translations UPDATED October 07, 2020 courtesy of Jolyon Yates

[Additional Notes by Jolyon Yates]
Baritone Akira Ifukube Song Collection
The 6th Tetsuro Kitamura solo album, the first Akira Ifukube movie song collection.
The best singer performs the best music Mankind has created.
An album in the history of this circle.
(An album for this cycle of History? It definitely says "circle" though.)

  1. National Police Reserve song (the National Police Reserve was established in 1950 during the Korean War and dissolved in 1952) 'I Swear On This Flag' no1
  2. Plaintive Pleasant Ancient Recital / BIRTH OF JAPAN M Title
  3. Sergio Island Prayer SPACE AMOEBA M10
  4. Sacred Fountain MOTHRA vs GODZILLA PS99
  5. Could it be your wind Ryutatsu Takasabu (Nichiren Buddhism priest renowned for his vocal music & poetry) Grass Song, DAIMAJIN, Kozasa's Song (Hanabusa Kozasa is the woman who awakens DaiMajin)
  6. Angelus Domini (Angel of the Lord) Angel Prayer Recital No7,13
  7. More than the flowers inviting the wind Naganori Asano's Death Poem (He was the daimyo whose attempt to kill Kira Yoshinaka triggered the events of Chushingura. He was obligated to commit seppuku. His poem: More than the cherry blossoms / Inviting a wind to blow them away / I am wondering what to do / With the remaining springtime.) Chushingura No1
  8. Of an evening Poem of Empress Jito YAGYU BUGEICHO SORYU HIKEN PS1 (1958 film; literal translation is 'YAGYU SECRET SCROLLS: SECRET TWIN DRAGON TECHNIQUE')
  9. Babysitter Play Song of Nishikamo District ZATOICHI KESSHO-TABI (literally ZATOICHI BLOOD JOURNEY, English title FIGHT, ZATOICHI, FIGHT, the 8th film in the Zatoichi series) No1,6
  10. Shaka Shoge 'Nanden Daizokyo Rokujo Go-kan Dai Otoshi' (literally 'Southern tradition Great Canon volume 65 History of the Lord', the final volume of the Japanese translation of the Pali Canon SHAKA No1 (BUDDHA, a 1961 movie directed by Kenji Misumi)
  11. Kunala's Song SHAKA No30A (Kunala is played by Raizo Ichikawa)
  12. Lasatta Praise SHAKA No35, 48
  13. Shakyamuni, Singing (Shakyamuni Buddha is the founder of Buddhism. Before enlightenment he is Prince Siddhartha, played in the film by Kojiro Hongo) SHAKA No1
  14. Isui Nobetsu Poem of Jing Ke (he attempted the assassination of Qin Wuyang, 227 BCE, on the banks of the Yishui) SHIN NO SHIKOTEI (THE GREAT WALL, 1962 film) PS 8