© 2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label: BKM
CD Number: G.R.F.009
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Music Performed by: Takeo Yahiro & Friends
Number of tracks: 21
Running time: 73:04
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 2001


Updated May 16, 2002

"GOUKAI Na CHIKYUBOUEIGUN (THE MYSTERIANS)" (G.R.F.009), released in 2001, features vocal arrangements of all of Ifukube's marches from various sci-fi films. This disc is amazing in my opinion because the arrangements are rich and complex. The music is performed entirely "a cappella" by a male vocal chorus consisting of Takeo and about ten of his friends. The CD is self-produced and manufactured by the artist. There are no instruments here, only people doing this music with their voices. The first time I heard this I was blown away. Surprisingly, this is considered a novelty record in Japan. This CD is difficult to get but well worth the effort in my opinion. Not everyone may like it but I think most of us that are familiar with this music will be amazed and pleased.

Bukimisha CDs are available to non-Japanese buyers through BOOTH (The International Indie Art Marketplace) by using a proxy service or other intermediary: https://bukimisya-maal.booth.pm/


  1. From "Godzilla" Frigate March
  2. From "Rodan, The Flying Monster" Get Rodan!
  3. From "Rodan, The Flying Monster" Rodan Attacks Fukuoka
  4. From "The Mysterians" Markalite FAHP
  5. From "Baran, The Unbelievable" Baran vs. Fighter-Bomber 'Neptune'
  6. From "Baran, The Unbelievable" Baran vs. Destroyer 'Uranami'
  7. From "Battle In Outer Space" Main Title
  8. From "Battle In Outer Space" Battle In Outer Space
  9. From "King Kong vs. Godzilla" The Plan to Transport King Kong
  10. From "Atragon" Main Title
  11. From "Atragon" The Undersea Warship Attacks
  12. From "The Little Prince and the 8-Headed Dragon" Main Title
  13. From "Space Monster Dogora" Dogora's Natural Enemy
  14. From "Space Monster Dogora" The Air Corps Launches an Offensive
  15. From "Frankenstein Conquers The World" Search March
  16. From "Monster Zero" Main Title
  17. From "War Of The Gargantuas" Operation L - March
  18. From "Destroy All Monsters" SY-3 March
  19. From "Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla" G Force March
  20. From "Godzilla vs. Destroyer" Super-X III
  21. From "Monster Zero" Monster Mega-War March
  22. Bonus track
  23. Bonus track
  24. Bonus track
  25. Bonus track