Cover Inside (See Note 6 below)

2005 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Tohru Fuyuki Anthology:
'Wunderbar' from the German for 'Wonderous'
Japanese Title: GOUKAI Na WANDABA
CD Label: BKM
CD Number: G.R.F.016
Music by: Tohru Fuyuki
Music Performed by: Takeo Yahiro & Friends
Number of tracks: 16
Running time: 73:57
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: August 12, 2005


October 31, 2005 (Info about the disc, review will be added later)

This is the selection of the works of Tohru Fuyuki (aka Toru Fuyuki) who composed much of the music for Sci-Fi Giant Heros of TV Movies which were made by TSUBURAYA production and is represented by ULTRAMAN. As in previous CD's there are several hidden tracks after the listed ones.

English Title: Tohru Fuyuki Anthology
Japanese Title: GOUKAI Na WANDABA
Track titles and notes courtesy of Masayuki Fukagawa of BUKIMISYA

  1. "Song of ULTRA GUARDS" from "ULTRASEVEN"
    (Japanese Title : "ULTRA KEIBITAI No Uta")
  2. "ULTRA 7" from "ULTRASEVEN"
    Japanese Title : The same as the above)
  3. "MAT" from "Return of ULTRAMAN"
    (Japanese Title : The same as the above)
  4. "GO HIDEKI" from "Return of ULTRAMAN"
    (Japanese Title : The same as the above)
  5. "JUMBO PHOENIX, Fly Toward The Rising Sun" from "MIRRORMAN"
    (Japanese Title : "ASAHI Ni Mukatte JUMBO PHOENIX")
  6. "Song of SGM" from "MIRRORMAN"
    (Japanese Title : "SGM No Uta")
  7. "Song of TAC" from "ULTRAMAN ACE"
    (Japanese Title : "TAC No Uta")
  8. "TAC's WANDABA 1 week" from "ULTRAMAN ACE"
    (Japanese Title : "TAC No WANDABA Ittusyukan")
  9. "SAF Scramble!" from "FIREMAN"
    (Japanese Title : "Syutugeki SAF")
    (Japanese Title : The same as the above)
  11. "Scramble Theme of SCIENCE GUARDS" from "The ULTRAMAN (Animation)"
    (Japanese Title : "Scramble Theme")
  12. "WANDABA UGM" from "ULTRAMAN 80"
    (Japanese Title : The same as the above)
  13. "Theme of HEART" from "ULTRAMAN NEOS"
    (Japanese Title : "HEART No Theme")
    (Japanese Title : The same as the above)
  15. "Honor of the SPECIAL VEHICLE SQUAD" from "Mobile Police PATLABOR (OVA)"
    (Japanese Title : "Eikou No TOKUSYA-TAI")
  16. "ULTRA 7 (Masato Simon Version)" from "ULTRASEVEN"
    (*** Please refer to Note 1 below ***)
  17. Hidden tracks

  18. (Silence)
    [*** Please refer to Note 2 ***]
  19. "Fighting Earth Defence Force WANDABA Medley (GOUKAI Version)"
    (*** Please refer to Note 3 ***)
  20. "SYASYU & ANNE 1" (Short Parody Drama)
    (*** Please refer to Note 4 ***)
  21. "TAC's WANDABA 9 weeks (GOUKAI Endurance Version)"
    (*** Please refer to Note 5 ***)
  22. "SYASYU & ANNE 2" (Short Parody Drama)
    (*** Please refer to Note 4 ***)

Note 1: Masato Simon is one of the most famous singers in the music history of Japanese Sci-Fi TV Movie series. He sings the Japanese theme song of "Gatchaman" ("Battle of the Planets"), too. "ULTRA 7" has the version which was sung by Masato Simon and this Track 16 was reproduced by our usual method. This is our secret, but of course, this Masato Simon on our CD is fake.
Note 2: It seems that Yahiro-san has some intention in the length of this " Silence ". But of course, this is our secret too.
Note 3: This medley is based on the one which was performed at the Ultraman Symphony Concert in 1992. This is not our secret especially.
Note 4: These Short Parody Dramas are based on the famous scene of ULTRA SEVEN's final Episode. Namely, it is that Dan (Ultra Seven) discloses his secret identity and says good-bye to Anne who is female member of Ultra Guards. And this is our top secret. This Anne on our CD is genuine. (Special Thanks to Yuriko Hishimi !!.)
Note 5: Why Track 20 is " 9 weeks " is completely unclear to me. I think this is probably Yahiro-san's macho joke. This may be our secret, too.
Note 6: About the photograph of the inner booklet, The vehicle (POINTER) of the photograph is not a mini scale model. The owner of this car had a longing for the POINTER : the super machine of Ultra Guards, and as the result, he had completed a 1/1 perfect replica.
By the way, the woman at the side of Dr.BUKIMI is Yriko Hishimi who played ANNE in Ultra Seven.