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English Title: GOKAINA RAIZO
CD Label: BKM
CD Number: G.R.F.039
Music Composed by: Tohru Fuyuki
Music Performed by: Bukimisha Weird Secret Society
Takeo Yahiro & Friends
Number of tracks: 10 (2 hidden)
Running time: 72:01
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: December 31, 2015


October 05, 2016

G.R.F. 039 is another in the Tohru Fuyuki Anthology collection. As with other CD's by this group there is a hidden track at the end, in this case two hidden tracks.. The CD only lists eight tracks but there is actually a hidden ninth and tenth track.

I have never had to the chance to see the films listed below in the track listing nor ever heard the original soundtracks. However, this group does a fine a cappella version that interests me enough to hopefully find some of the original soundtracks to compare.

Go to http://www.bukimi.com/maal or email Takeo Yahiro (yah@bukimi.com) for more information.

Translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates.

  1. Kyoshiro Nemuri: The Mask of the Princess (1966)
  2. Kyoshiro Nemuri: Sword of Villainy (1966)
  3. Teuchi (1963) [literally 'Death by Hand', in other words 'Capital Punishment'] aka DEATH BY SWORD
  4. Shinobi no Mono: Kirigakure ["Misty"] Saizo (1964)
  5. Tadanaokyo Gyojoki / (1960)
  6. Onnakeizu / Women Genealogy (1962)
  7. Yoso / [ literally 'Mystical Monk'] (1963) aka SORCEROR
  8. Daisatsujin Orochi / Great Sword Fight Orochi (1966) [aka THE BETRAYAL]
  9. Hidden Track
  10. Hidden Track