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English Title: GOUKAI NA Battle in Outer Space
CD Label: BKM
CD Number: G.R.F.60A5
Music Performed by: Bukimisha Weird Secret Society
Takeo Yahiro & Friends
Music Composed by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks: 37
Running time: 67:51
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: March 1st, 2020


January 26, 2021

60th Anniversary a cappella recording of the complete film score to BATTLE IN OUTER SPACE (1959)

G.R.F.60A5 will possibly be reviewed at a later date.

Go to http://www.bukimi.com/maal or email Takeo Yahiro (yah@bukimi.com) for more information.

(Translations courtesy of Sam Scali)

GOUKAI NA Battle in Outer Space (G.R.F.60A5)

  1. Spoken Introduction
  2. Opening (M1)
  3. Main Title (M2)
  4. Bizarre Incident on the Tokaido Railway (M3)
  5. A Series of Strange Incidents (M4)
  6. Emergency Strategy Session (M5)
  7. Dr. Ahmed (M6)
  8. Ahmed's Escape (M7)
  9. Starry Sky (M8)
  10. Car Radio - Background Music (M9)
  11. Brainwashing (M10)
  12. The Magnificence of the Base (M11)
  13. The SPIP Blasts Off (M12)
  14. Debris (M13)
  15. The Heat Ray Gun (M14)
  16. Lunar Landing (M15)
  17. The Lunar Surface (M16)
  18. The Exploration Vehicle Starts Moving (M18)
  19. Air Cushion (M19)
  20. Iwamura and the SPIP (M20)
  21. Onward! (M21)
  22. The Cave (M22)
  23. The Natal Base (M23)
  24. The Natalese (M24)
  25. Lunar World Battle I (M26)
  26. Lunar World Battle II (M27)
  27. Return of the SPIP (M28)
  28. News Spreads Worldwide (M29)
  29. Prepare to Ambush (M30)
  30. Combat Rockets Launched (M31)
  31. Battle in Outer Space (M32)
  32. Wrath of the Freeze Gun (M33)
  33. Destroy the Giant Mother Ship! (M34)
  34. No Trace of the Enemy (M34A)
  35. Ending (M35)
  36. Battle in Outer Space (Trailer)
  37. [hidden track]