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('Gokai' seems to be in a lot of Bukimisha titles, means 'heroic', 'splendid', 'glorious')
CD Label: BKM
CD Number: G.R.F.GP-05
Music by: Tetsuro Kitamura
Number of tracks: 9 (2 hidden)
Running time: 38:33
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: August 14, 2015


December 27, 2015

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Also visit his website at: http://www.bukimi.com/maal/
Having this music done "a cappella" is just amazing to hear and very well done.

(Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates, Leonard Lev & Sam Scali)

  1. 'Wild Rose' ('Nobara') [this could be Franz Schubert's 'Heidenroslein']
  2. Funiculi Funicula
    (the hiragana that follows appears to say "oni no pantsu"/"demon pants"... 'Funiculi Funicula' was originally a Neapolitan song commemorating the opening of the Mt Vesuvius funicular system in 1880)
  3. Headband
  4. Meadowlands
    This is a Soviet folk song from 1933, 'Polyushko polye', literally "My Fields", sung by a soldier leaving the farm to defend Mother Russia. Known in English as 'Meadowlands'.

    Sing along:

    Dear field, field
    Dear field, wide field,
    The heroes are riding on
    The heroes of past times

    The wind will blow away
    over the green field
    Their happy songs
    The songs of the times past.

    It will only leave them
    the memory of battles won
    And dusty road
    The road without end.

    Dear field, field
    You have seen some sorrow
    All soaked through by blood
    Blood of past times.

  5. Takeda's Cossack Lullaby
    (NOTE:appears to be the same as the English song "Battle Hymn Of The Republic (Glory, Glory, Hallelujah)")
  6. Peace Anthem of the Republic
  7. Tank Parade
    (might be 'The March of the Soviet Tankmen' by the Pokrass Brothers from the 1939 film "TRACTORISTS")
  8. Hidden Track
  9. Hidden Track