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Title: GOKAI Und Panzer: Das High School 2
('Gokai' seems to be in a lot of Bukimisha titles, means 'heroic', 'splendid', 'glorious')
CD Label: BKM
CD Number: G.R.F.GP-12
Music by: Tetsuro Kitamura
Music Performed by: Bukimisha Weird Secret Society
Number of tracks: 15
Running time: 68:51
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: April 25, 2021


July 06, 2022

Review possibly at a later date.

Also visit his website at: http://www.bukimi.com/maal/
Having this music done "a cappella" is just amazing to hear and very well done.

GOKAI Und Panzer: Das High School 2
(Track translations courtesy of Google Translate and , http://www.bukimi.com/maal/grfgp12.html)

  1. Ms. Raba of Chiba (Mono)
  2. 1st round winner medley
  3. Waltzing Matilda
  4. Onion singing(Marie-san!)
  5. From Habanera / Opera "Carmen" (I love Aoshidan High School!)
  6. Yana i Turchin / Bulgarian Folk Song
  7. March of the Three Kings / Provenςal Folk Songs
  8. From Solveig's song/suite "Pére Günt" (Viking Fisheries High School is lovely!)
  9. A Cuckoo On A Tree / Belgian Folk Song (Waffle Academy Is Inspiring!)
  10. Warsaw Labor Song (Bomboule High School Unity!)
  11. Great Wash Head
  12. Isobushi
  13. Great Road Race (contains a lot of spoken dialog)
  14. The Chief's Daughter
  15. Employees of Creepy Company