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English Title: Star Twinkle
CD Label: BKM
CD Number: G.R.F. STG1
Music Composed by: Naoki Satō
Music Performed by: Bukimisha
Number of tracks: 9 (3 Hidden)
Running time: 27:01
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: January 17, 2021


July 07, 2022

Star Twinkle (G.R.F. STG1) will possibly be reviewed at a later date.

This is one of the soundtracks to the Anime series called "Pretty Cure".

Go to http://www.bukimi.com/maal or email Takeo Yahiro (yah@bukimi.com) for more information.

Star Twinkle (G.R.F. STG1)
(Track translations courtesy of Google Translate and http://www.bukimi.com/maal/grfstg1.html

  1. Kirari Twinkle Pretty Cure
  2. Romantic Papepipu
  3. Star Color Pendant! Color Charge! Slow version
  4. Star Color Pendant! Color Charge!
  5. Twinkle Stars
  6. Tell Me! Twinkle
  7. Kirari Twinkle Pretty Cure (TV size) [HIDDEN TRACK]
  8. Romantic Papepipu (TV size) [HIDDEN TRACK]
  9. Tell Me! Twinkle (TV size) [HIDDEN TRACK]