2005 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Red Hot Beat (from "Ultraman Nexus")
CD Label GIZA Inc.
CD Number GZCA-4038
Music Performed by: Rina Aiuchi
Number of tracks 5
Running time 17:35
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture May 04, 2005


November 14, 2005

This CD single by Rina Aiuchi contains three versions of the ending theme from the "Ultraman Nexus" TV show. One other track is also a theme from a TV show. The fifth track is a pop tune. Even though track 5 is listed as an instrumental on the packaging it is actually a longer vocal version of the TV version of the theme. Track 5 is more than twice as long as track 4. Some of the music here is reminiscent of U.S. disco music. It has that type of beat and vocals to it but definitely sounds more modern.

I really enjoyed this CD and loved Rina Aiuchi's voice here. Ever since hearing the Peanuts sing the Mothra song more than 40 years ago I have developed a soft spot for female Japanese vocals. Over the years I have enjoyed the voices of the several pairs of women playing the Peanuts parts in the various newer movies and also the vocals of the females from some of the "Ultraman" and "Gamera" soundtracks. I can't pinpoint it but many of the Japanese female vocals affect me like the myths of sirens making sailors crash on the rocks. :-) Whatever it is, I enjoyed this CD single.

Red Hot Beat by Rina Aiuchi (from "Ultraman Nexus")

  1. Red Hot Beat (TBS television "Ultraman Nexus" ending theme)
  2. Fantasy Rush (NTV "Motor Sport" theme song)
  3. Love Was Visible
  4. Red Hot Beat (TV version)
  5. Red Hot Beat (instrumental)