1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title The Golden Age Of Japanese Movies
CD Label King Records
CD Number KICS-2181
Music by: Various
Number of tracks 16
Running time 67:05
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1995


May 11, 2000

This is a a nice full CD containing over 67 minutes worth of music from 16 Japanese films. I have only seen one of the films on this disc, "Yojimbo", which is one of my favorite Akira Kurosawa films. This CD gives us nearly seven minutes of the great music from this film on Track # 1. "Yojimbo" was the inspiration for the spagetti western "A Fistful Of Dollars" starring Clint Eastwood and "Last Man Standing" starring Bruce Willis as well as some other films. I also really liked Track # 11 "Vengeance". Parts of it reminded me of Bernard Herrmann music from "Psycho".

I enjoyed this CD even if I don't know anything about most of the films. It gives us a good mix of styles and tempos and was a delightful listening experience. The tracks on this CD are a combination of Stereo and Mono tracks.

Title:      The Golden Age Of Japanese Movies

 1.	Yojimbo
 2.	Nature Doesn't Flinch  
	(Japanese title: Sanka Ari)
 3.	Intertwined  
	(Japanese title: Karamiai)
 4.	Naked Island  
	(Japanese title: Hadaka no Shima)
 5.	Akitsu Hot Spring  
	(Japanese Title: Akitsu Onsen)
 6.	The Shrike  
	(Japanese title: Mozu)
 7.	Poor, Beautiful, Nameless  
	(Japanese Title: Na mo naku Mazushiku Utsukushiku)
 8.	Gobancho Yugirizakura 
	(Japanese Title: Gobancho Yugirizakura)
 9.	I'm No More Than A Grain Of Wheat 
	(Japanese Title:  Ware Hitotsubo No Mugi Naredo)
10.	The Sand Girl 
	(Japanese Title: Suna No Onna)
11.	Vengeance 
	(Japanese Title: Adauchi)
12.	The Five Petal Camellia 
	(Japanese Title:  Go Hanabira No Tsubaki)
13.	Jakoman And Tetsu  
	(Japanese Title: Jyakoman To Tetsu)
14.	Echigo Tsutsuishi Oyashirazu  
	(Japanese Title: Echigo Tsutsuishi Shinfuchi)
15.	Harakiri 
	(Japanese Title: Seppuku)
16.	Straits of Starvation 
	(Japanese Title: Kiga Kaikyo)