2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label: Futureland
CD Number: LD25-5041~42
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks: Disc 1: 44
Disc 2: 43
Running time: Disc 1: 56:29
Disc 2: 61:30
Number of discs: 2
Year of release/manufacture: 1988


April 11, 2000

Having been released in 1988, this CD is a very early one in the Akira Ifukube film music series. This 2 CD set is long out of print and I lucked out by winning it via online auction on eBay.

The music here is mainly comprised of music from the films "Monster Zero" and "Ghidrah, The Three Headed Monster". As the title suggests, this is the complete recordings and features all the music we've grown to love and are familiar with. There are also many alternate variations. This is a great sounding set but some of the themes get repeated a little too often for my taste. The music here is also a great mixture of the rousing marches and action pieces we've come to expect from Mr. Ifukube as well as some slower pieces.


[Ghidrah, The Three-Headed Monster]
 1.	Recorded Credits 
 2.	Main Title
 3.	Princess Sarno I
 4.	The Flash
 5.	Kurobe Valley Theme Song I
 6.	Kurobe Valley Theme Song II
 7.	Discovery of the Meteor
 8.	Princess Sarno II
 9.	Rodan at Aso
10.	Godzilla in the Pacific
11.	The Magnetic Force
12.	The Two Monsters Show up in Yokohama
13.	The Birth of King Ghidorah
14.	King Ghidorah in Matsumoto City
15.	Godzilla vs. Rodan I
16.	The Fury of the Gravity Beam
17.	Godzilla vs. Rodan II
18.	Godzilla vs. Rodan III
19.	The Three Monsters Converge
20.	The Three Monsters Parley
21.	Godzilla Attacks Rodan
22.	The Greatest Battle on Earth I
23.	The Greatest Battle on Earth II
24.	Ending
25.	The Appearance of the Little Beauty
26.	The Cry of the Little Beauty
27.	Let's Be Happy I
28.	Let's Be Happy II
29.	Let's Be Happy III  (The End)

[Monster Zero]
30.	Recorded Credits
31.	Main Title
32.	The P1 and Jupiter
33.	The P1 Descends
34.	The Legend of Planet X
35.	The Underground Passage
36.	Monster Zero
37.	The P1 Returns
38.	Washigazawa and Lake Myojinko 
39.	Godzilla Dives to the Bottom of the Lake
40.	The Appearance of the Saucer
41.	The Electromagnetic Capsule
42.	Back to Planet X
43.	Arrival on Planet X
44.	The Three Monsters on Planet X

1.	Namikawa on Planet X
2.	Leaving Planet X Behind
3.	Planet Earth in Utter Chaos
4.	Monster Control I
5.	Monster Control II
6.	The Fury of the Three Monsters
7.	The Monster Zero March
8.	The Great Monster Battle
9.	Ending
10.	Background Music (I) at the Star-Flower Club
11.	Background Music (II) at the Star-Flower Club
12.	Three Consecutive Background Songs at the Cafe

[Destroy All Monsters]
13.	Recorded Credits
14.	The Toho Logo Mark - Main Title
15.	Title Credits
16.	Monster Land
17.	The Lunar Base I
18.	The Incident in Monster Land
19.	The Lunar Base II
20.	SY-3
21.	The Uninhabited Underground Center *2
22.	The Residents of Planet Kiraaku *3 I
23.	Escape from Monster Land
24.	The Unknown Metal
25.	Discovery of the Monster Controls
26.	Rodan Arrives by Air
27.	Four Monsters Attack Tokyo
28.	The Missile War to Defend the Capital
29.	Ruins
30.	Godzilla and Angilas vs. The Defense Corps
31.	Rodan in Pursuit
32.	The Residents of Planet Kiraaku *3 II
33.	The Lunar Base and SY-3
34.	SY-3 Attacks
35.	The Research Probe Gets Through
36.	The True Essence of Kiraaku *3
37.	Remote Control Destruction!!
38.	Earth Monsters Converge
39.	Showdown at Fuji I
40.	Showdown at Fuji II
41.	Destruction of the Underground Dome
42.	Pursuit of the Fire Dragon
43.	Ending

*2	Or possibly "The Unmanned Underground Center"
*3	This is a direct transliteration of the Japanese.