1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Film Works by Akira Ifukube Vol. 3
CD Label SLC Inc.
CD Number SLCS-5052
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 26
Running time 54:42
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1995

Title:      Film Works by Akira Ifukube Vol. 3
Japanese Title:  Ifukube Akira:  Eiga Ongaku Zenshu  Daisan Shu
1.	The Three Treasures  (Japanese Title: Nippon Tanjo)
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	The Shrine Maiden's Rules
	(3)	The Giant 8 Headed Snake
	(4)	Ending

2.	Nikui Mono  (Literal Translation: The Detested)
	(1)	Call Girl
	(2)	Reunion of Father and Daughter
	(3)	Ride the Pigeon Bus*

3.	Varan the Unbelievable (Japanese Title: Daikaiju Baran)
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	The Depth Charge Attack March
	(3)	Overseas Version

4.	Battle in Outer Space  (Japanese Title: Uchu Daisenso)
	(1)	Opening  Main Title
	(2)	Lunar Surface Battle March
	(3)	Ending

5.	Aru Kengoh No Syohgai  (Literal Translation is: The Life of a Great Swordsman)
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	Words of Love
	(3)	The Battle at Sekigahara
	(4)	Jurota's Last Moments
	(5)	To the Lunar World
	(6)	Ending

6.	Big Boss  (Japanese Title: Ankokugai no Kaoyaku)
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	The Eye Witness' Tragedy
	(3)	Young Man
	(4)	Dirty Hands
	(5)	Ending

7.	Shinran (Possible Translation:  The New Bird from Heaven)
	(1)	Journey to Horyuji Temple
	(2)	Theme 2

*  This is a direct transliteration from the Japanese.