1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Film Works by Akira Ifukube Vol. 8
CD Label SLC Inc.
CD Number SLCS-5057
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 12
Running time 63:58
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1995


This is CD number 8 in the Film Works series. This CD has 12 tracks with anywhere from 2 to 6 pieces to each track with most having 2 or 3 parts. Track #2 is from "Yog, Monster From Outer Space" and Track #5 is made up of music from "Latitude Zero". The rest of the film titles are unfamiliar to me. There is dialog in Track #9 with a barking dog in the background. Two of the tracks, #1 and # 8 deal with a monster known as "Majin" which is a stone Samurai. The cover of this CD is a picture of "Majin". The three Majin movies are now available in the US (with subtitles)from ADV Films. I have just seen them and really enjoyed them although I thought the second one with the kids going off to save their fathers was stretching things a bit. The movies were released here on video in Feb. 1999 under the titles of "Daimajin", "Return Of Daimajin" & "Wrath Of Daimajin".

This CD has a good mix of styles and several easily familiar pieces of music.

English Title:	The Complete Collection of Akira Ifukube's Film Music - Volume 8
Japanese Title:  Ifukube Akira - Eiga Ongaku Zenshu Dai-hasshu	 

1.	Majin  (Japanese title: 'Daimajin')
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	Majin's Fury
	(3)	Ending

2.	Yog - Monster from Space  
	(Japanese title: 'Gezora - Ganime - Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no Daikaiju')
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	Kobatake and the Space Creature *1
	(3)	The Appearance of Kameba

3.	Teigin Jiken - Shikei-shu *2 
	(Literal Translation: 'Teikoku Bank Incident - Prisoner(s) on Death Row')
	(1)	After Losing the War
	(2)	The Teikoku Bank Incident
	(3)	Main Title - Teikoku Bank

4.	Chokoso no Akebono (Literal Translation: 'Akebono, The Skyscraper)
	(1)	Main Title

5.	Latitude Zero  (Japanese title: 'Ido Zero Daisakusen')
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	The Alpha vs. The Black Shark
	(3)	The Monster(s) at Bloodrock *3
	(4)	The Griffin(s) and The Black Shark

6.	Osho (Literal translation: 'The King')
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	Sankichi's Prayer

7.	Koroshita no wa Dare da *4 (Literal translation: 'Who is the Killer?')
	(1)	Main Title

8.	Majin Strikes Again  (Japanese title: 'Daimajin Gyakushu')
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	Ending

9.	To The End of the Silver Mountains  (Japanese title: 'Ginrei no Hate') 
	(1)	The Chase in the Snow-Covered Mountains
	(2)	Skiing Fun
	(3)	The Peaks of the Northern Alps
	(4)	The Fall
	(5)	Life and Death

10.	Jakoman and Tetsu  (Japanese title: 'Jakoman to Tetsu') 
	(1)	Fishing for Herring

11.	A Will-o'-the-Wisp  (Japanese title: 'Onibi')
	(1)	Chushichi *5, the Bill Collector
	(2)	Romance in the Early Afternoon
	(3)	The Will-o'-the-Wisp House
	(4)	The Ill-fated Wife
	(5)	Chastity in Crisis
	(6)	Ending

12.	Rainy Night Duel  (Japanese title: 'Kuro-obi Sangokushi') 
	(1)	Confrontation at Goshomyojin
	(2)	Ending

*1 'Kobatake' is probably a name but it literally means 'Little Field'.
*2  Listed in IMDB as 'Tegin jiken sikeishu' (1964).
*3  Or possibly 'Bradlock'.  (This is a direct transliteration from the Japanese.)  
*4  Listed in IMDB as 'Korosita noha dareda', a slightly misleading romanization.
*5 This is a name.  If anyone has seen this film, is this name correct?