1999 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Film Works by Akira Ifukube Vol. 10
CD Label SLC Inc.
CD Number SLCS-5059
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 10
Running time 67:17
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1995


This is volume 10 in the series and as far as I know, the last CD in this series. As in past volumes, the 10 tracks here are actually suites and again have two tracks with familiar music. Track #4 is from "War Of The Gargantuas" and Track #2 is from "Revenge Of MechaGodzilla". The other titles I'm not familiar with.

Overall I have enjoyed all 10 of the CD's in this series, some more than others of course. If you enjoy the music of Akira Ifukube in the movies you recognize, you will probably also enjoy the music in this series, a lot of which I haven't heard before and you probably haven't either.

English Title:	The Complete Collection of Akira Ifukube's Film Music - Volume 10
Japanese Title:  Ifukube Akira - Eiga Ongaku Zenshu Dai-ju Shu	 

1.	Brothel No. 8  
	(Japanese title: 'Sandakan Hachibanshokan Bokyo')
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	Osaki's Recollections

2.	Revenge of Mechagodzilla  
	(Japanese title: 'Mekagojira no Gyakushu')
 	(1)	Main Title

3.	Ichiman Sanzennin no Yogisha  
	(Literal translation: 'Thirteen Thousand Suspects')
	(1)	Hand-knit Socks
	(2)	Confession

4.	The War of the Gargantuas  
	(Japanese title: 'Furankenshutain no Kaiju: Sanda tai Gaira')
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	Operation L - March
	(3)	Battle to the Death at the Volcano on the Ocean Floor

5.	Lady Ogin  (Japanese title: 'Ogin-sama')
	(1)	Main Title
	(2)	The Broken-Hearted Bride
	(3)	The Conquest of Kyushu
	(4)	Hideyoshi *1, I'll Always Resent You!
	(5)	The Last Happy Get-Together
	(6)	The Conquest of Odawara
	(7)	Cry Me a River
	(8)	The Cross on the Beach
	(9)	Ukon, The Prisoner 
	(10)	Epilogue

6.	Saigo no Dasso  (Literal translation: 'The Final Escape')
	(1)	The White Orchid Corps Graduation Ceremony *2
7.	Yagyu Secret Scrolls *3  (Japanese title: 'Yagyu Bugeicho')
	(1)	The Stolen Martial Arts Journal
	(2)	The Puppet Princess and the Ninja

8.	Yagyu Secret Scrolls, Part II *4  
	(Japanese title: 'Yagyu Bugeicho Soryu Hiken')
	(1)	Singing to the Autumn Leaves
	(2)	The Secret Tale of the Martial Arts Journal
	(3)	The Battle at Sanbonsugi *5
	(4)	Revenge of the Yagyu Clan
	(5)	The Fugetsukyo Raid

9.	Futari Dake no Hashi  
	(Literal translation: 'A Bridge for Two')
	(1)	At Kawahara
	(2)	The Letter Left at the Bridge

10.	Osaka Castle Story *6  (Japanese title: 'Osaka Jo Monogatari')
	(1)	Rescuing Mohei 
	(2)	Yodogimi and Hideyori
	(3)	Ai's Crisis
	(4)	Reinforcements Enter the Castle
	(5)	Osaka Castle Goes Up In Flames

*1  	Alternate reading:  Hidekichi. 
*2  	Or 'The Hakuran Corps Graduation Ceremony'.
*3  	A more literal translation would be: 
	'The Martial Arts Journal of the Yagyu School'.
*4  	A more literal translation would be: 
	' The Martial Arts Journal of the Yagyu School:  The 2-Headed Dragon Secret Sword'
5  	Or possibly 'The Battle at the Three Cedars'.
6	Personally, I prefer the translation: 'The Tale of Osaka Castle'.