2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label: Futureland
CD Number: TYCY-5209~10
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks: Disc 1: 28
Disc 2: 29
Running time: Disc 1: 65:10
Disc 2: 60:56
Number of discs: 2
Year of release/manufacture: 1992


August 20, 2000

This 2 CD set by Akira Ifukube concentrates on the movie "Birth Of Japan" (Nippon Tanjo).

Disc 1 starts off with a short speech in Japanese by Akira Ifukube. Most of this disc is slow, plodding and somber. The first music track features a chorus and brings to mind people slowly walking away from a destroyed city. The tracks are a slow and suspenseful. Tracks 4, 5, 12, 16, 19 & 28 also feature a chorus. Track #10 was my favorite here and featured a march type tune. This is definitely not a disc to play on a depressing, dark, rainy day when your mood is already low. There is no upbeat, happy music here.

Disc 2 has tunes that are a bit more on the suspense side and some tracks sound like they could be from a Sci-Fi movie. Track # 12 is a vocal track with no music while a chorus is again heard on tracks 17, 21, 23, 27 & 28.

This is a good disc but a very somber sounding one. My copy is a CDR as these discs are extremely hard to find.

English Title:  	Akira Ifukube Futureland 2-CD Set
			The Complete Collection of Special Akira Ifukube Soundtracks
			Toho Collection No. 8
Japanese Title:  	Akira Ifukube Futureland Nimai-gumi
			Kanzen Shuroku Ifukube Akira Tokuei Eiga Ongaku Toho-hen 8 


From "The Birth of Japan" I
1.	Credits 
2.	Main Title
3.	The Birth of Japan
4.	Oyashima *1
5.	The People of Yamato
6.	Prince Osu
7.	Prince Kosu
8.	The Emperor and Otomo
9.	The Conquest of Kumaso
10.	Yamato Goes to War
11.	Ise Shrine
12.	Uda's Song I
13.	Princess Ototachibana
14.	A Prayer for Military Triumph
15.	Ise Sets Off
16.	Kume's Song
17.	Heading West to Conquer
18.	Remote Thoughts
19.	The Kumaso Banquet I
20.	The Kumaso Banquet II
21.	Kumaso Vanquished
22.	Triumphant Return of Prince Yamatotakeru
23.	Takamagahara *2
24.	Prince Susano-o
25.	The Amanoiwato Cave
26.	The Amanoyasu River
27.	Iwato Kagura *3
28.	Amaterasu the Sun Goddess


The Birth of Japan II
1. 	Part II Begins
2.	Prince Susano-o Weeps Bitterly
3.	The Fate of the Shrine Maiden
4.	The Home of the Huge Serpent
5.	The Strange Princess Inada
6.	Prince Susano-o's Stratagem 
7.	The Eight-Headed Giant Snake
8.	Defeating the Huge Serpent
9.	Restless March
10.	Princess Miyaju *4
11.	Drums of Prayer
12.	Prayer
13.	Uda's Song II
14.	Princess Miyaju *4 and the Prince
15.	Two Thoughts
16.	The Land of the Fire-Mountain
17.	The Fire-Mountain Dance
18.	Kusanagi, the Magical Sword
19.	Wavering Mind
20.	Nighttime in the Land of the East
21.	Yamato's Song
22.	Tornado 
23.	The Death of Princess Ototachibana
24.	The Otomo Army Goes to War
25.	Beautiful Yamato
26.	Chaotic Battle
27.	The Rage of Mother Earth
28.	Ending
29.	Iwato Kagura *3 (Ending)

*1	A name referring to the Japanese islands.
*2	Name of a place in Japanese mythology.
*3	Kagura is a form of traditional Japanese music and dance.
*4	The name of this Princess could not be confirmed with certainty.