2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Music for the Stage Volume 2
CD Label VAP Inc.
CD Number VPCD-81154
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 23
Running time 58:04
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1996


March 10, 2000

This CD has a little better mix of tracks than Vol. 1 of this series. Some of the tracks here feature male vocals and/or a chorus singing in an older, more traditional Japanese style. Some of the tracks offer music of a suspenseful nature. Like Vol. 1, most of the tracks on this disc are slow moving pieces with no real action oriented pieces or marches. Just as in Vol. 1, a lot of the themes here invoke a tone or feeling of sadness.

I enjoyed this CD and found it to be more listenable and less tiring than Vol. 1 of the series.

English Title:	Akira Ifukube: Music for the Stage, Volume 2
Japanese Title:	Ifukube Akira Butai Ongaku Zenshu Dainishu: 
[Renegade Son *1]

1.	Act I, Scene I:  The Hall Inside Hamamatsu Castle
2.	The Dance of Saburo Nobuyasu
3.	End of Scene I ? Scene II:  Jibutsudo Hall
4.	Scene III: Tokuhime's Mansion
5.	Scene IV: The Tsukiyama Palace
6.	Act II, Scene I: The Yahagigawa River
7.	Shino and Nobuyasu
8.	Dancing for the Gods: End of Scene I
9.	Scene II:  Tokuhime's Mansion
10.	Kosasa:  End of Scene II
11.	Scene IV:  The Courtyard in Okazaki Castle
12.	Nobuyasu Enraged: End of Scene IV
13.	Act III, Scene I:  Tokuhime's Mansion
14.	Scene II: Nobuyasu's Private Chambers
15.	Scene IV: The Great Hall at Seiryuji Temple - Finale

[Chivalry on the Kiso Highway: Shinza Nakanori *2]

16.	Scene I:  The Outskirts of Unumajuku
17.	The Boulders Fall:  End of Scene I
18.	Scene II: Tetsugoro's Gambling Spot
19.	Scene III: The Outskirts of the Unumajuku
20.	Scene IV: The Nozugawa River Ferry in Koshu
21.	Scene V:  Tetsugoro's Gambling Spot
22.	Scene VI: The Outskirts of Tsumago
23.	Finale

*1  	The IDMB does not offer an English title for this work, the Japanese name of which is "Hangyakuji".  
	Note that in previous CDs, I may have translated this title as "Treacherous Son".
*2	The IDMB does not offer an English title for this work, the Japanese name of which is 
	"Ninkyo: Kiso Kaido - Nakanori Shinza".