2000 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Music for the Stage Volume 3
CD Label VAP Inc.
CD Number VPCD-81155
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Number of tracks 20
Running time 48:04
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1996


March 10, 2000

Volume 3 here, is the shortest of the four volumes in this CD series. It's shortest both in time and number of tracks. That may not be a bad thing since Vol. 3 sounds very similar to Volumes 1 & 2. The disc is mainly made up of slow paced chorale type music just like the first two volumes. Hopefully when I get the translations of the track titles maybe I can tell a little more about these discs.

English Title:	    Music for the Stage by Akira Ifukube, Volume 3
Japanese Title:     Ifukube Akira Butai Ongaku Zenshu Daisanshu: 

[Virgin Snow on Nanbuzaka *1  (from "Chushingura")] (1976)

1.	Prologue, Part 1:  "The Pine Corridor Prelude"
2.	The Pine Corridor
3.	Prologue, Part 2:  "The Garden at Ukyodayu Tamura's Mansion"
4.	"More Fragile than Flowers Scattered by the Wind" *2
5.	Prologue, Part 3:  Sengakuji Temple - Castle of the Dead
6.	Scene I:  Yozenin's Sitting Room
7.	Yozenin and Kuranosuke Oishi
8.	Scene II:  The Asano Family:  In Front of the Gate ??Finale

[The Last Shogun, Yoshinobu Tokugawa *3]

9.	Act I, Scene I:  Outside the Sakurada Gate
10.	Ii's Neck ? End of Scene I
11.	Scene II: Inside the Hitotsubashi Mansion
12.	Act II, Scene II:  On the Deck of the Jundomaru *4
13.	End of Scene II
14.	Act III, Scene I: The Highway on the Outskirts of Myohoin Temple
15.	"A World Mired in Chaos"
16.	Scene II: Seirenin-no-miya's Mansion
17.	Act IV, Scene I:  The Fushimi Highway
18.	Scene II:  A Room Inside Chiyoda Castle
19.	Scene IV:  The Great Vestibule in Chiyoda Castle
20.	Finale

*1  	The IMDb does not offer an English title for this work, the Japanese name of which is 
	"Shinsetsu Nanbuzaka".
*2	A verse from a poem by Asano Takuminokami.
*3  	The IMDb does not offer an English title for this work, the Japanese name of which is 
	"Saigo no Shogun: Tokugawa Yoshinobu".
*4	The name of a ship.