© 2001 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Chronology 1
CD Label King Record Co., Ltd./Star Child
CD Number K32X 7032
Arrangement & Synthesizer by:Makoto Inoue
Number of tracks 10
Running time 55:24
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1986


Pictures and review disc provided by Valli Dixon

August 25, 2001

For the most part this CD is comprised of familiar Godzilla themes that stay pretty faithful. They are synthesizer versions so there is no mistaking these for the originals. My biggest complaint about the tracks on this disc is that Makoto Inoue for whatever really sped up the tempo on many of these tracks so that they come off sounding like 33 RPM records played at 45 RPM or even 78 RPM (remember vinyl records?). A few tracks also sound more like a circus calliope than a synthesizer and come off sounding like they are being played by an insane clown on speed. Half the tracks contain vocals and track #6 which is the Mothra song sung by some females doesn't sound too bad but again is done too fast. I did kind of like that track though. Track #8 brings us a familiar vocal from "King Kong vs. Godzilla".

If you're just a casual listener of this type of music or are really into elevator music or synthesizer music then you may very well enjoy this CD. Otherwise it's not for any but the really hard core Godzilla collector that needs everything.

Added April 14, 2003 courtesy of Jim Walsh and Ed Godziszewski

The cover for this album was painted by Yuji Kaida in the early 80's. Yuji has become quite a renowned genre artist, creating masterpieces of not only Godzilla, but Gamera, Ultraman, and even doing a lot of Gundam model box art. Anyways, the interesting thing is that this painting of Godzilla reflected in the windows was so imaginative that it inspired a similar scene in GODZILLA 1984. For some bizarre reason, this shot was edited from the US version. If you watch GODZILLA 1985 (the US version), you see Godzilla approaching the building carrying the train car, and the hint of reflection... but then the actual reflective shot is cut. I couldn't begin to guess why. - Jim

The above story is true. Yuji has done a lot of great cover art for Toho and Ifukube titles. He did the fantastic line art of the old Works of Ifukube LP series, the art on all 3 Godzilla Legend LP/the 2 CDs, several wonderful art posters that were included with LPs in the 80s. Several CD covers are also by him, such as the Toho/Monster Movie Themes, and he has done many LD and model box covers as well. Next to Ohrai, his is probably the top artist in Japanese SF.

The painting mentioned above was also used as poster art to advertise the premier performance of Symphonic Fantasia in 1983. That poster is one of my favorite Japanese posters. - Ed

Track translations courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. GODZILLA (M1=0:00, M2=1:45, M3=4:46)
  4. VARAN
  6. MOTHRA (M1=0:00, M2=0:59, M3=3:20, M4=6:10)
  8. KING KONG vs GODZILLA (M1=0:00, M2=2:53, M3=5:58)
  9. ATRAGON (M1=0:00, M2=3:04)

Synthesizer: Inoue Makoto
Percussion: Takagi Toshio
Bass: Okiyama Masashi
Chorus: Togawa Jun