2009 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title The Seven Samurais - The Artistry of Fumio Hayasaka
CD Label King Records
CD Number KICC 303
Music composed by: Fumio Hayasaka
Music conducted by: Tetsuji Honna
Music performed by: Japan Philharmonic Orchestra
Music recorded: August 24-26 1999 at the IMA Hall, Tokyo
Number of tracks 18 total (5 sections)
Running time 76:12
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture January 28, 2000


August 23, 2009

This would seem to be a continuation of the "Artistry..." series. Most of the others on this site can be found on the Akira Ifukube pages since many of this series pertained to his music. This particular title celebrates the works of Fumio Hayasaka (1914-1955). Probably his best known work was on Akira Kurosawa's film "The Seven Samurai" which later was the basis for the US film "The Magnificent Seven" (one of my favorites). Mr. Hayasaka also provided the soundtrack to another of Kurosawa's films, "Rashomon".

This set has a total of 18 tracks divided into five sections. One of the tracks will very much remind you of Ravel's "Bolero". This whole set is nicely done and worth looking for if it can be found. The CD is now out of print.

Title: The Seven Samurais - The Artistry of Fumio Hayasaka

    The Seven Samurais (1954)

  1. The Theme of Samurais
  2. Intermezzo
  3. "Rashomon" (Complete Suite Edition) (1950)

  4. Title
  5. Kikori
  6. Tajyoumaru
  7. Last Scene
  8. Masago
  9. Dance Antique (1937) [Ancient Dances]

  10. Dance Antique
  11. Overture in D (1939)

  12. Overture in D
  13. Movement in Metamorphosis for Symphony Orchestra (1953)

  14. Adagio
  15. Andante
  16. Moderato
  17. Andante
  18. Adagio
  19. Moderato
  20. Allegro
  21. Allegretto
  22. Meno Mosso