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Title The Peanuts Singles - Mothra No Uta
(Song Of Mothra)
CD Label King Record Co., Ltd.
CD Number KICS-2303/4
Music by: The Peanuts (Emi & Yumi Ito)
Number of tracks Disc 1: 18
Disc 2: 18
Running time Disc 1: 62:01
Disc 2: 60:52
Number of discs 2
Year of release/manufacture 05-28-1999


April 26, 2002

This 4th volume 2 CD contains more singles put out by The Peanuts. Disc 1 contains the "A" sides and Disc 2 contains the "B" sides. Track 18 on both discs are from "Mothra". This set contains the longest running times of any of these "Singles" sets with both discs here clocking in at over an hour each.

This set had the least number of songs I recognized and had a more 70's flavor to it than the previous volumes. I have always enjoyed the singing and harmonies of these women in the "Mothra films which is why I sought out more CD's by them. The songs on this CD are a mixture of Japanese, Japanese with some English, some English and possibly a few other languages. I find their music fun and relaxing to listen to and some of the cover versions of US pop hits can be amusing.

If you enjoy soft pop from the 50's & 60's and 70's funk, then you may enjoy this CD. The songs here are done in a soft pop style done by U.S. artists in the 60's with some of the funk style of the 70's. I enjoyed this CD as well as the others on this site. One word of warning, several of the songs are repeated on more than one CD on this site. There are no repeated tracks on any of these four (4) volumes of "Singles" discs with the exception of "The Girls From Infant Island" that also appears on Volume 1.

The Peanuts Singles - Mothra No Uta (Song Of Mothra)

Translations courtesy of John Cassidy

    Disc 1

  1. The Glass Castle
  2. The Sad Tango
  3. The Sorrowful Valentino
  4. Picking Wild Strawberries
  5. World Of Men And Women
  6. The Woman Of Tokyo
  7. The Woman Of Osaka
  8. In Calmness
  9. The Woman Of San Francisco
  10. The Woman Of Rio
  11. Goodbye So Soon
  12. Behind The Ring
  13. Desert Of Passion
  14. Rumor Becomes A Spirit
  15. Whereabouts Of Love
  16. It's Over, Dear
  17. The Fickle Guy
  18. The Song Of Mothra
    Disc 2

  1. Love Only Once
  2. Farewell To A Lovely Person
  3. A Romance That Vanishes Into The Sun
  4. About Going
  5. Vow Of Happiness
  6. The Time When Love Has Ended
  7. The Pale Rose
  8. Romance Of The Northern Country
  9. Lonely Hong Kong
  10. Romantic Carnival
  11. The Night Train
  12. The Last Convenience
  13. Time, In Case
  14. One Person's Livelihood
  15. A Goodbye Is Smiling
  16. The Seasons Go Around
  17. Profile
  18. The Girls Of Infant Island