2004 Lawrence Tuczynski

CD Label King Record Co., Ltd.
CD Number KICS2451
Music by: The Peanuts (Emi & Yumi Ito)
Number of tracks 18
Running time 45:22
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture June 2, 2004


June 06, 2004

This brand new CD just came out earlier this week. I was delightfully surprised that instead of another repackaged set of the same songs we've heard before, we actually do get some rare treats here. There are very few songs we have heard before and in one case the first English version of a song that has popped up on several other CD's. The booklet was curious because for some odd reason it lists the English title of the first 7 tracks but only Japanese for the rest. I was able to figure out most of the Japanese titles but not all so a few will have to be updated here at a later time. The disc itself sounded very good and contained a nice mix of tunes. With the long career these women had I expected even more rarities than are here in the relatively short just over 45 minute disc. However what is here is a joy to listen to if you are a fan of their music.

Tracks 2 & 4 here are familiar Beatles tunes and track 3 is a popular Burt Bacharach song. Tracks 10 & 11 are from "Mothra". Some of the later tracks on the disc contain performances with guest singers adding to what The Peanuts are singing.


  1. 1-2-3
  2. Come Together
  3. This Girl's In Love With You
  4. And I Love Him (Her)
  5. Souvenirs Aus Tokyo
  6. Happy Yokohama
  7. Nagasaki Boy
  8. Song Of Japanese TV
  9. Soap Ball Holiday (Japanese TV show)
  10. Song Of Mothra
  11. Mothra
  12. Don't Look Back
  13. ?
  14. Small Happiness
  15. ?
  16. Bossa Nova
  17. Love Fugue (English version)
  18. Small White Boat