2002 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title The Peanuts On Stage
CD Label King Record Co., Ltd.
CD Number KICX-7098
Music by: The Peanuts (Emi & Yumi Ito)
Number of tracks 14
Running time 43:34
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 09-04-2002


September 20, 2002

This is a fantastic disc and fairly inexpensive. It just came out on Sept. 4, 2002 and may still be available through CD Japan. This is a kick ass live disc and what's even nicer is that most of it is sung in English. We have some great covers of American tunes here. Just wait until you hear them do "Proud Mary". :-) This is a fast paced disc that runs just over 43 minutes. After hearing it I wished it was longer. There are NO Mothra tunes on this disc but if you enjoy the singing of The Peanuts you can't go wrong with this live set.

The Peanuts On Stage

  1. Look at Yourself
  2. It's Too Late
  3. Proud Mary
  4. Medley:
    1. Tokyo Girl
    2. San Francisco Girl
    3. Rio Girl
  5. Passion Flower
  6. Don't Face Me
  7. Una Sera Di Tokyo
  8. Love Fugue
  9. Back Off Boogaloo
  10. Epitath
  11. Medley:
    1. Jail House Rock
    2. Like I Do
    3. Diana
    4. One Way Ticket To The Blues
    5. Mr. Baseman (*NOTE*-This is how it's spelled in the booklet, should be Mr.Bass Man)
    6. Rhythm Of The Rain
    7. Be My Baby
  12. Love Theme From "The Godfather"
  13. Good-byes Take Us by Surprise
  14. Petite Fleur