2003 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title: Future (from "Mothra 3")
CD Label: King Records Co. Ltd.
CD Number: KIDS-405
Music by: Megumi Kobayashi
Number of tracks: 3
Running time: ?
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 12-12-1998
Year Movie Released in Japan: 1998


April 27, 2003

This CD contains one track from the Mothra 3 movie, "Future" sung by Megumi Kobayashi and a second track not in the movie aslo sung by her. The 3rd track is an instrumental version of the first. Ms. Kobayashi has a very pleasant voice and I would be interested in hearing more works by her. Unfortunately I have not found anything when searching some of the Japanese music sites. This single is taken from the 3rd of the REBIRTH OF MOTHRA trilogy films and is also known as "Mothra 3: King Ghidora Attacks"

Mothra 3 (single)

  1. Future
  2. Born To Be Love
  3. Future (Original Karaoke)