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Title: Project: Kyojo
CD Label: RecordBreakin music
CD Number: N/A
Music Performed by: Big Pimp Jones
Number of tracks: 15
Running time: 41:33
Number of discs: 1
Year of release/manufacture: 2011


July 16, 2012

First off I want to thank Keith (a member of Big Pimp Jones) for contacting me and sending me a copy of this CD. You can get more info about the band, their music, their comics and other activities as well as ordering their CD's at: http://www.kodoja.com/. I noticed some of their music is also available at Amazon.com.

I have listened to this CD a few times now and enjoy it more each time. It does kind of sound like it could be an old Kaiju soundtrack 1970's era. A few of the tracks even have a short bit of dialogue at the beginning like it was part of a movie. To me the music overall has a 70's R&B, funk feel to it while also somehow sounding like it fits in with a Japanese Kaiju soundtrack.

I think this is a good addition to this web site and you would be doing yourself a favor to at least sample the music at the websites listed above. I also have a copy of their newest CD, "Kodoja: Terror Mountain Showdown" which can be downloaded in mp3 format or sampled at Amazon.com. I will be putting that up on this site at a later date.

From the store at their website:

Project Kyojo CD

Project Kyojo's music (written and performed by Big Pimp Jones) fuses elements of 70s funk, classical, chiptune and 80s soul, spread on a thick layer of hard drum breaks (these breaks are original drum tracks recorded in a renovated warehouse in Philadelphia).

The record was designed initially to be solely a 'break' record, with nothing but beats and other instruments ripe for the sampling. When the band started working on the music, breakbeats turned into songs, then into a full-length record. Still, the record is full of breaks and the breaks themselves are highlighted on Simluations 1-9. More music and media are on the way, after all this is just the beginning of the Kodoja story.

Project: Kyojo

  1. Design For Destruction
  2. Saipan Island Reclamation
  3. E: Creeping Menace
  4. Skyfight
  5. Ghost In The Machine
  6. Malfunction: Chaos
  7. Kyojo Simulations 1-5
  8. Prompt
  9. Colossus. Battle. Riot.
  10. Singularity
  11. Fortran
  12. Basic Program
  13. X Six Six Dash Seven
  14. Kyojo Simulations 6-9
  15. The Rising