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Scans & info provided by John M Emmons

Title Mother Original Soundtrack Reissue
CD Label Sony Music Direct
CD Number MHCL 341
Music by: Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka
Number of tracks 12
Running time 75:57
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture February 18, 2004


March 11, 2009

Review by John M Emmons

“Mother” is a Japanese video game made by Nintendo in 1989. The original soundtrack was released in the same year. In 2004, the album was re-released, featuring re-mastered songs, an extended version of “The World of Mother,” and a bonus track, the demo “Smiles and Tears.”

Seven of the themes from the game are presented here as songs with lyrics. Most of these were composed by Suzuki, while the lyrics were written by Linda Hennrick. I’m not sure if these themes were originally conceived as pop songs or as instrumental tracks as they’re presented in the actual game, but they work very well as both.

There are also new arrangements of three instrumental tracks by Tanaka: “Magicant,” “Snow Man,” and “Fallin’ Love, And.” “Snow Man” was written to depict the quiet majesty of winter, but the new arrangement has a much quicker tempo, and the song itself seems to be played with oriental instruments, painting a much different picture.

While “Pollyana” is the song most closely associated with the series, I think “Eight Melodies” is the standout track on the album. Performed by the St. Paul’s Cathedinal Choir, this simple melody is transformed in a hauntingly beautiful song. The song is followed by “The World of Mother,” a twenty three minute suite featuring the music as it was original heard in the game, in all its 8-bit beauty.

I was surprised that everything in this album is in English: the track listing, the lyrics, the linear notes, and yet the game was never released outside of Japan. The album ends with “Smiles and Tears,” which is used in the sequel, Mother 2, known as Earthbound in America.

Mother Original Soundtrack Reissue

  1. Pollyanna (I Believe In You) 3:42
  2. Bein' Friends 5:13
  3. The Paradise Line 3:44
  4. Magicant (Inst.) 4:21
  5. Wisdom Of The World 4:42
  6. Flying Man 4:49
  7. Snow Man (Inst.) 3:51
  8. All That I Needed (Was You) 4:43
  9. Fallin' Love, And (Inst.) 6:18
  10. Eight Melodies 5:46
  11. The World of MOTHER (Extended Version) 23:53
  12. Smiles And Tears (Demo Track)