2011 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Project Moonbase
CD Label Monstrous Movie Music
CD Number MMM-1960
Music Composed by: Herschel Burke Gilbert
Number of tracks 47
Running time 71:58
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture April 14, 2011
Year of movie release 1953


May 28, 2011

David Schecter of Monstrous Movie Music at: http://www.mmmrecordings.com/ has put out three new, wonderful CD's of old "B" movies from the 1950's full of rare tracks. I am a big fan of his CD's and own all of them. You can't go wrong with these CD's. Plus this CD and the other two in this series (MMM-1959 & MMM-1961) are limited editions. Only 1,000 of each are being made. It also comes with a very nice, informative foldout booklet.

"Project Moonbase" was released in 1953. I was able to view it on DVD recently and it was fun to see. Parts were actually funny when you see the cheap special effects of the time, the clothing worn and the dialogue of the time, especially how it pertains to women. I think one of the funniest parts for me was when the General is addressing a woman with the rank of Colonel who will be in charge of the space flight and one of the things he tells her is that if she doesn't behave he'll take her over his knee and spank her. Can you imagine someone doing that today? The costumes worn in the spaceship were also funny. The "suit" was comprised of a T-shirt, shorts, rain boots and a skull cap. But enough about the movie. You're here to learn a little about the music. You can get a lot of info from the Monstrous Movie Music website. One of the things you may not know is that some of the music from "Project Moonbase" was used in the 2nd Godzilla movie released in the US under the title "Gigantis, The Fire Monster". Other music on the disc will also sound familiar because pieces were used from time to time in some 1950's TV shows. Along with the score from "Project Moonbase" this CD contains the music to "Open Secret". I've never seen this movie but the music in it will be very familiar to those who have ever watched "The Adventures Of Superman" TV show starring George Reeves as Superman. A lot of the music in this film was used in that TV series.

For more information or to order, go to: Monstrous Movie Music at: http://www.mmmrecordings.com/