© 2006, 2014 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Masaru Satoh Song Book
CD Label Toho Music Corporation
CD Number MS-00001
Music Composed by: Masaru Satoh (Sato)
Number of tracks 22
Running time 71:13
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture May 26, 2006


May 30, 2006

This CD contains vocal tracks of music composed by Masaru Satoh that appeared in movies from !956 through 1979. The final five tracks are other songs by Mr. Satoh including one from his 2004 CD MASARU SATO-Sound Theater~A Single Pencil (AGCS-5001/2). I will not critique each track. Suffice it to say there is a wide variety of male and female vocals here presenting many different styles. I think most of us are familiar with his orchestral soundtrack music to various Godzilla, Akira Kurosawa films and many other films. I doubt too many of us are familiar with more than a few of the vocal tracks on this CD.

I enjoyed the CD but it took a little getting used to. So often all we hear from composers like Mararu Satoh and Akira Ifukube are their instrumental output. This CD isn't for everyone and will probably never be one of my favorites by Mr. Satoh. However, it was enjoyable and something different.


  1. Kurutta Kajitsu from CRAZED FRUIT (1956)
    Sung by Yujiro Ishihara
  2. Yama no Otoko no Uta from SCOUNDREL (1956)
    Sung by Toshiro Mifune
  3. Gaito from GAITO (CITY LIGHTS) (1957)
    Sung by Teruo Hata
  4. The Magic Begins from THE H-MAN (1958)
    Sung by Martha Miyake
  5. Ganbare Gokigen Musume from GANBARE GOKIGEN MUSUME(1959)
    Sung by Sonomi Nakajima
  6. Dokuritsu Gurentai March from WESTWARD DESPERADO (1960)
    Sung by Makoto Sato, Yuzo Kayama and Dokuritsu Gurentaiin
  7. Iki na Taii from WESTWARD DESPERADO (1960)
    Sung by Makoto Sato, Yuzo Kayama and Dokuritsu Gurentaiin
  8. Tsuki wo Keshichae from THE LAST GUNFIGHT (1960)
    Sung by Trio Amigos
  9. Taiheiyo no Katsugiya from TAIHEIYO NO KATSUGIYA (1961)
    Sung by Akira Kobayashi
  10. Hyappatsu Hyakuchu from IRONFINGER (1965)
    Sung by Akira Fuse
  11. Wakamono tachi from LIVE OWN WAY (1967)
    Sung by Broadside Four
  12. Showa Blues from FORWARD EVER FORWARD (1969)
    Sung by Bluebell Singers
  13. Kaze no Funauta from HOME FROM THE SEA (1972)
    Sung by Tokiko Kato
  14. Yoake wo Yobu mono from SUIKO-DEN (1973)
    Sung by Pete Mack Jr.
  15. Ransei from BATTLE CRY (1975)
    Sung by Hachiro Sengoku
  16. Ah! Nomugi Toge from NOMUGI PASS (1979)
    Sung by Aruru
  17. Tooi Sora no Bolero from THE LAST GAME (1979)
    Sung by Isao Sasaki
  18. Yume no Atosaki (Before and Behind of Dream)
    Sung by Momoe Yamaguchi/ Arranged by Makoto Kawaguchi
  19. Koibumi (Love Letter)
    Sung and Arranged by Saori Yuki
  20. Michiyuki (The Scene of a Lover's Trip)
    Sung by Yoichi Sugawara
  21. Basha Uma no Yoni (Like a Carriage Horse)
    Sung by Masaru Sato
  22. Ippon no Enpitsu (A Single Pensil) [New recoding]
    Sung by Chieko Sato/ Arranged by Koji Ueno

All songs composed and arranged by Masaru Sato (except 14, 18, 19, 22)