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Title The Film Music By Masaru Satoh Vol. 5
CD Label SLC Inc.
CD Number SLCS-7105
Music by: Masaru Satoh
Number of tracks 15
Running time 76:37
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1992


Feb. 22, 2000

This CD appears to be focused on the "Salaryman" series that was popular in Japan. The music here is a good mix of lighthearted romps, some action music and a variety of other styles. Track #1 is a suite of lighthearted, action oriented music. Track #3 is reminiscent of the music in Hollywood comedies of the 1930's & 1940's. Track #5 is another suite of music that starts with a light, Parisian sound. It then goes into a jazz oriented Can-Can sounding number and ends sounding like rock music from 1960's Hollywood Beach Party movies. Track #6 has a spaghetti western feel to it. All the rest of the tracks run a gamut of styles with most being lighthearted or action oriented.

This was an enjoyable CD to listen to. It would be a good CD to have playing in the background as you work around the house or office. A few toe tappers here and there but nothing heavy.

Updated March 25, 2001

Title: The Film Music By Masaru Satoh Vol. 5 (COMEDY MOVIE VOLUME)
Japanese Title: KIGEKI EIGA HAN

Translations & notes courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Japanese Three Fighters: Goodbye, Tokyo (Nippon San Jushi ([Japan 3 Gunmen])
  2. Lush Foliage (Aona Shigeru ([Thriving Greenery])
  3. Anything For Success (Gekkyu Dorobo ([Salary Thief])
  4. Ganbare Gokigen Musume (Come On, Coaxing Girl)
  5. Salaryman Isshin Tasuke (Salaryman Help Thyself)
  6. Okashina Yatsu (Funny Fellows)
  7. Chinpin Doshujin (The Curio Master)
  8. Dainippon Suri Shudan (All-Japan Pickpocket Gang)
  9. Kigeki: Ippatsu Daihissho (Comedy: One Shot Triumph)
  10. Scrap Shudan (Scrap Gang)
  11. Lupin Sansei Nenriki Chinsakusen (Lupin III Psychokinetic Strategy, 1974. This is the second Lupin anime movie)
  12. Dynamite Don Don
  13. Tsuri Baka Nishi 4 (Days of a Fishing Fool 4, aka Free & Easy, dir Tomio Kuriyama)
  14. Kigeki: Dorobo Daikazoku Tenka o Toru (Comedy: Thieving Clan Take It All)
  15. Ojyu Hosho (Yellow Ribbon Medal)

(Tracks # 1, 14 & 15 in Stereo)