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Title The Film Music By Masaru Satoh Vol. 6
CD Label SLC Inc.
CD Number SLCS-7106
Music by: Masaru Satoh
Number of tracks 15
Running time 75:48
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1992


Feb. 22, 2000

This CD is mainly from movies having to do with Romance. The tracks on this CD are a wide mix of songs with most tending to be slow and dreamy while at other times the tunes invoke a feeling of sadness. We also get some moderate paced action music from time to time. The tracks here are once again done as suites of music with a variety of styles within each track.

Overall this was a pleasant CD to listen to and would be great to put on while trying to relax.


Title: The Film Music By Masaru Satoh Vol. 6 (SOCIAL PROBLEMS, HUMAN DRAMA VOLUME)
Cover: Frankie Sakai is the guy
Translations & notes courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Kokotsu no Hito ([People of Ecstasy] aka Twilight Years)
  2. Kodomo no Koro Senso ga Atta (In My Childhood There Was a War)
  3. Could I But Live (Ware Hitotsubo no Mugi Naredo, 1964, dir Zenzo Matsuyama, str Hideko Takamine)
  4. Watashi wa Mininaritai ([I Want to See] aka Lips Forbidden to Talk)
  5. Moment of Terror (Hikinige, 1966, dir/scr Mikio Naruse, str Hideko Takamine, Yoko Tsukasa)
  6. Kubi ([Head] aka Judge and Jeopardy)
  7. Bosatsu Shimoyama Jiken (Shimoyama Murder Plot, 1982, aka Willful Murder, dir Kei Kumai, str Tatsuya Nakadai)
  8. Rokujyo Yukiyama Tsumugi (Dark the Mountain Snow, 1965, dir Zenzo Matsuyama, str Hideko Takamine)
  9. River of Forever (Chikumagawa Zessho, 1967, dir Shiro Toyoda, str Kinuyo Tanaka)
  10. Osho ([King, as in Japanese chess], 1962, str Rentaro Mikuni)
  11. Hadakakko ([Naked Child], aka Run Genta Run, 1961, dir Tomotaka Tasaka, str Rentaro Mikuni)
  12. Aiyoku ([Love Lust], aka Grapes of Passion, 1966, dir Junya Sato, str Rentaro Mikuni)
  13. Kairyo (if this is a typo, it could be Kaikyo, 1982, str Ken Takakura. ‘Kairyo’ means ‘Reform’)
  14. Long Journey Into Love (Shinobu-ito, 1973, dir Masanobu Deme)
  15. Haru Kuru Oni (The Demon Who Comes in Spring, 1989, str Toshiro Mifune)

(Track # 1, 14 & 15 in Stereo)