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Title The Film Music By Masaru Satoh Vol. 14
CD Label SLC Inc.
CD Number SLCS-7190
Music by: Masaru Satoh
Number of tracks 7
Running time 66:16
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1993


Feb. 14, 2000

Again on this CD we have what really amounts to a bunch of suites. Within each track there are many types of music that are divided by a second or two of silence. Track #1 has parts that have a definite "Bolero" by Ravel influence. Track #2 has some strains of "Seven Samurai" in it along with some very heavy horn work that reminds me of music played by a High School marching band. Track #8 features a female vocal with a chorus backing while Track #9 sounds like a male chorus vocal. Track #10 starts out with harmonica and drum music that sounds like circus music and part way in sounds like the theme to "The Pink Panther" done by harmonica. The whole track is a heavy harmonica suite of music.

This CD is also mostly free of jazz oriented music. While there were some tracks I enjoyed, this CD for me was somewhat lacking and a real mish mash of styles. Of the 6 CD's I have heard so far from this series, I liked this one the least.


Title: The Film Music By Masaru Satoh Vol. 14 (MOVIES DIRECTED BY SATSUO YAMAMOTO VOLUME)
Translations & notes courtesy of Jolyon Yates

  1. Man And War - Part 1 (Senso to Ningen)
  2. Man And War - Part 2, 3 (Part 3: Senso to Ningen, 1974, dir Satsuo Yamamoto)
  3. Kinkanshoku ([Annular Eclipse] aka Solar Eclipse)
  4. Karei Naru Ichizoku (My Family Becomes Splendid?)
  5. Oh! The Nomugi Pass (Ah! Nomugi Toge, 1979, dir Satsuo Yamamoto)
  6. Oh! The Nomugi Pass Part 2
  7. Kotei no Inai Hachigatsu (August Without Emperor)

(All tracks except 2 & 3 are in Stereo)