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Title The Film Music By Masaru Satoh Vol. 17
CD Label SLC Inc.
CD Number SLPR-12
Music by: Masaru Satoh
Number of tracks 20
Running time 74:30
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture 1993


This is a live CD in Stereo by Masaru Satoh. Mr. Satoh has probably done the 2nd most Godzilla music (most having been done by Akira Ifukube). Godzilla fans will find nothing recognizable here but the disc is a good listen anyway. Mr. Satoh has done film music for many Japanese films over the years and this is a good representation of his non Godzilla work. Overall, if you close your eyes, this CD gives you the feeling of being at a symphony concert and the music here is well done. Most of the music on this CD could be described as being in a mellow type vein without any of the aggressive march music you'd find on an Akira Ifukube album.

I really enjoyed this CD and will certainly give it many more plays. My copy is a CDR as this CD I'm told is quite hard to find. I'm told it was a special disc printed up in limited quantities for Masaru Satoh's fans.


Title:Film Music by Masaru Satoh Vol. 17 (Special Bonus CD)
Japanese Title: Satoh Masaru - Eiga Ongaku Sakuhin-Shu (Tokuten-ban)

  1. The Tale of Kitakitsune *1 - [The Arrival of Spring]
  2. Yokizakura *2 [Main Theme]
  3. The Cherished Arrival of Springtime
  4. Tunhuang *3 [A Suite]
  5. Youngsters [When the Sun Again Rises in the Sky]
  6. The Scoundrel(s)
  7. Kunisada Chuji *4
  8. A Spear and Clear Skies Over Japan *5
  9. Both Love and Flames From: [The Challenge]
  10. Travel Sketches of Lord Mito
  11. I'm an Unmarried Employee
  12. The Haori *6 Commander *7
  13. Stages of Evil
  14. Let Me Call You My Beloved
  15. Here In the Chest Area of the Uniform
  16. Good Luck, Cheerful Maiden(s)! - Theme Song
  17. 100 for 100 - The Golden Eye [Mokkara Gohgoh *8]
  18. The Tale of the Giant Army: Charge to Glory!! [Charge to Glory!!]
  19. Sugata Sanshiro - [34Roh!]
  20. Sugata Sanshiro - [Otomi's Song]

*1 The name of a fox from Hokkaido.
*2 Meaning unclear. Possibly a type of cherry.
*3 Name of a place in China
*4 A person's name.
*5 Meaning somewhat unclear.
*6 A haori is a traditional Japanese half-coat.
*7 This title may refer to a famous traveling painter.
*8 This is a direct transliteration from the Japanese. Also possible 'Mokkara Go! Go!'