2005 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title Mothra Flight
CD Label Offbeat Records
CD Number MTCJ-5520
Music by: Mototeru Takagi Trio
Number of tracks 2
Running time 41:57
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture February 18, 2004


February 09, 2005

This CD is very much a Jazz CD. Lots of blaring, caterwauling Saxophone on these tracks. What it has to do with Mothra I have no idea. I can't say I really enjoyed this CD. It is done by the Mototeru Takagi Trio, comprised of Mototeru Takagi on reeds, Takashi Tokuhiro on bass and Tsutomu Ono on drums. I guess I just don't get it or am not a big enough Jazz fan. A lot of the music here sounds like all three are just doing their own thing and sometimes don't appear to even be on the same page. I found parts of it to be no better than what you might expect handing three strangers the instruments and letting them have a go at it. This might appeal to hard core Jazz fans but not to very many others.

Mothra Flight
  1. Estado ~ Bird Song
  2. Love Song ~ People In Sorrow