© 2004 Lawrence Tuczynski

Title AKIRA IFUKUBE: Works For Guitar
CD Label Mittenwald
CD Number MTWD-99019
Music by: Akira Ifukube
Music performed by: Kohiro Sasozaki
Number of tracks 7
Running time 71:02
Number of discs 1
Year of release/manufacture February 01, 2004


July 02, 2004

This CD of guitar music released on the Mittenwald label in February 2004 features guitar music by Akira Ifukube and performed by Kohiro Sasozaki in 2003. The music here is mostly solo guitar work without other instrumental accompaniment except for the last three tracks, "Japanese Suite", which features some minimal accompaniment by other instruments like piano. I found the tracks here to be soothing and relaxing. No hard, fast tracks for the most part. This is the kind of CD that is ideal to put on after a hard day's work to just sit back, listen and relax. I can highly recommend this CD to Ifukube collectors and fans of solo guitar work in a classical style. Some of this music has appeared on other CD's in other forms so a few tracks may sound very familiar to some.

AKIRA IFUKUBE: Works For Guitar

  1. TOKA, Cantilena Balla bile sul Mode Antico di Giappone (1967)
    [Dance Cantilena on the Ancient Mode of Japan]
  2. KUGOKA, Aria Concertata di KUGO-Arpa
  3. TOCCATA per Chitarra (1970)
    [TOCCATA for guitar]
  4. KOGA, chant de serinde (1997)
  5. Japanese Suite (1933)

  6. I. BON-ODORI, Nocturnal dance of the Bon-Festival
  7. II. TANA-BATA, Fete of Vega
  8. III. NEBUTA, Festival Ballad